A Distinct Analysis Of Crescent Sighting


From time immemorial, we know that the Jews have been desperately trying to corrupt and pollute Islam and its practices; one such practice which they nearly succeeded in corrupting for many a century is about the confusion and misunderstanding of the beginning of the Islamic day. We know for sure that the Christians begin their day at 12 o’clock sharp midnight and the Jews begin their day with the sunset of each day; and as for the Muslims Allah has clearly instructed that the day should begin with the beginning of fajr sunrise or when Sahr (predawn meal) ends, or when the thread of light appears in the eastern horizon that is at the beginning of fajr. The Jews, very cleverly and cunningly, introduced their way of beginning the day at sunset or Maghrib into Islam. Slowly and gradually, the entire Muslim Ummah have come to follow this blasphemous, corrupted ways of the Jews to such an extent  that even today the entire Muslim Ummah are totally confused about the beginning of the day as per Islamic sharia; and we see people at the eve of assumed Eid or at the eve of beginning of Ramalhan fasting going out after maghrib prayer or during the time of maghrib prayer and looking out to see the crescent  moon. This is totally a false practice; for, the crescent we see at that time (maghrib) belongs to that day and certainly it does not signify the beginning of the next day it clearly points that the 1st day of Ramalhan or the Eid day has already begun from the fajr of that day. Also if we wait for this crescent in the Magrib time, then we have already lost one day – and this is the main reason for the prevailing confusion about the beginning of the Lunar month and to prove this  the hadees of Ibnu Abbas(r.a) clearly points to this:


AlBakhthari said: “We set out for Umra  and when we camped at ‘Bathni Nakhla.’ We discussed about the Hilaal. Some people said it is aged three days and some people said it is two days old. He said, we met Ibn Abbas RA and we said to him: “We saw the Hillal, some of the people said it is three days old and some of them said it is two days old. Then he said: “On which day did you see it?” We replied on such and such day. Then he said that the Messenger of Allah SAW said: “Verily Allah has arranged it for observation, so the one you saw is for the day you saw it.”
NARRATOR: Abdullah ibn Abbas
HADITH_No 2392



It is clearly known from this Hadees that the Hilaal that we see denotes the date for that day. It is not the date for the next day. People have the wrong idea that day begins at sun set and the crescent they see shows the dates for the next day. If the day begins at sun set when will the night begin? Will it begin at sun rise? Quran refutes such wrong ideas of the Jews and Christians  by  “Walallailu saabiqun nahaari” “night is not the forerunner of the day”.



This hadees very clearly states that the crescent we see at the time of magrib belongs to that day, meaning to say that it was from the beginning of fajr of that day; and those of the people who waited to see this crescent and begin the day, have already lost the beginning day. Some people have translated the term, “day” as night; for the Arabic term lail means night but the term lailath also means a 24-hour day; for Allah states:


And remember We appointed forty days for Moses and in his  absence you took the calf (for worship) and ye did grievous wrong.


Wa iz wa_'adna_ mu_sa_ arba'ina lailatan summat takhaztumul 'ijla mim ba'dihi wa antum za_limu_n(a).
Quran- 2:51



The term Allah uses for forty days is Arba’ina Lailatan but many people have translated as forty nights and we know Musa alai salam was on the mount for forty days. So, lailath also means a 24-hour day.

The Islamic day very clearly starts at the beginning of fajr. To authenticate this, we have the Quranic Ayath and the hadees of Rasol (s.a.w) which I am furnishing it below.


Guard strictly your (habit of) prayers especially the middle prayer and      stand before Allah in a devout (frame of mind).

Quran- 2 : 238


This verse was revealed (in this way):  "Guard the prayers and the Asr prayer." We recited it (in this very way) as long as Allah desired. Allah then abrogated it and it was revealed:  "Guard the prayers, and the middle prayer."  Someone who was sitting with Shaqiq (one of the narrators in the chain of transmitters) said: Now it implies the Asr prayer. Upon this al-Bara' said: I have already informed you how this (verse) was revealed and how Allah abrogated it, and Allah knows best.  Imam Muslim said: Ashja'i narrated it from Sufyan ath-Thawri, who narrated it from al-Aswad ibn Qays, who narrated it from Uqbah, who narrated it from al-Bara ibn Azib who said: We recited with the Prophet (peace be upon him) (the above-mentioned verse like this, i.e. instead of Salat al-Asr) for a certain period, as it has been mentioned (in the hadith quoted above).
Sahih Muslim Hadith
Hadith 1317            Narrated by
Al-Bara ibn Azib



These Quran ayath and hadees clearly states that the Asr prayer is the middle prayer. In which case, the beginning of the prayer will be fajr prayer. So, it very clearly and automatically delineates that the Islamic day begins with fajr and not maghrib; and the Jews have introduced into Islam their way of starting the day, i.e., of starting the day from Magrib. This is a practice we will have to cast away from Islam and bring back the original practice of starting the day from Fajr.

                                       1   By the Sun and his (glorious) splendor;
                             2     By the Moon as she follow him;
                             3     By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;
                             4     By the Night as it conceals it;
                             Quran: 91-1,2,3,4


1          By the Glorious Morning Light.
2          And by the Night when it is still.
  Quran: 93-1,2


He draweth the night as a veil O'er the day each seeking the other in rapid succession:

It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the Moon nor can the Night outstrip the Day: each (just) swims along in (its own) orbit (according to Law).
Quran: 36-40


All the above Quranic verses point out in a crystal clear manner that the day is the forerunner and the night comes only to cover up the day. As per the last verse, we can see that the night would never outstrip the day, hence the day is the beginning and then the night follows it and this is very much UNLIKE the Jewish practice where the night precedes the day and they start the day with night first and then the day – But in the Islamic practice, the Day precedes the night. Furthermore, the above Hadees by Al Bara ibn Azib – which talks about the middle prayer (Asr Prayer) very clearly states that the day starts at Fajr and not at Maghrib. Insha Allah we will have to get this blasphemous practice of the Jews out from our Islamic practices and this would go a long way in solving the Crescent moon sighting confusion.



 We should also understand that when Allah and His Messenger tell us to observe the crescent moon, the word they use is not “hilal” but to observe the “ahilla” i.e to observe all the phases of the moon; and it was the custom of the Arabs to keep a distinct lookout for the moon which they practically used for clear calculations of the day and years. Every Arab was an astronomer of his time, in the sense, that he was thorough in the knowledge of the position, and the size of the moon and the stars to denote the time and the beginning of a month and the ending of a month and the number of days. The messenger of Allah had never never asked any of the Sahabas to go out and look for the first day’s Crescent. This first day’s Crescent could be sighted only in the evening, after maghrib, of the first day but we should know that the month has already begun from the fajr of that day and we cannot see the first day’s moon, as the last day of the month is the day of conjunction where the moon is practically black or dark especially the side facing the Earth; and it is impossible to be sighted by a satellite, a telescope, or by naked eye and the following day is the first day or the beginning of the Islamic month. Neither Allah nor His Messenger  has ever asked us to go and look for the crescent moon to start the month. But, on the other hand, Allah has clearly instructed in the Quran that we should observe all the phases of the moon especially the Urjoonil qadheem


  And for the moon We have appointed mansions till she return like an old shrivelled palm leaf.

  Transliteration:   Wal qamara qad darna_hu mana_zila hat ta_ a_da kal  urju_nil qadim
Quran: 36-39



This is the last phase of the moon for that lunar month, and this we can clearly observe just at the time of fajr on the eastern horizon this Urjoonil Qadheem rises with the fajr adhan and sets with the sun rise and it clearly signifies that the next day would be the conjunction day and the last day of the Lunar month - and the next or the following day to conjunction would automatically be the beginning of the Islamic month or  the Lunar month. This Urjoonil qadheem enables us to determine precisely  the beginning of the next  Lunar month very accurately.  At the time of Rasool (s.a.w), we did not have these facilities we have to-day, like the satellite and the electronic telescope which accurately and precisely gives us the phases of the moon  from day-to-day and this  rules out the question of a cloudy day which during the time of Messenger of Allah, they used to count it as 30 if they were not able to see this Urjoonil qadheem or the last phase of the moon for the month due to clouds.

only the last part of a hadees is being propogated – the full hadees is quoted by  Ibn Katheer,  which says that:  

“Ja’alallahul ahillatha mawaakeetha linnasi fa soomoo li ru’uyathihi wa afthiroo li ru’uyathihi, fa’in gumma alaikum fa uddoo salaaseena youman”.

 “Allah has appointed phases of the moon as dates for the people, so fast according to its view and celebrate Eidul Fitre according to its view and if it became doubtful for you then count the month as 30 days".

We can see clearly that Allah’s Rasool(s.a.w) advised us to follow ALL the phases of the moon to decide the beginning of the month and Allah especially advised us in sura yaseen verse 39 to view the entire phase of the moon especially the Urjoonil Qadheem.

 Allah SWT has fixed the phases and manaazil for the moon on the very day of creation.9:36. We can count with the naked eye 29 moon phases in a month of 30 days and 28 phases in a month of 29 days. When such is the case how can we change the fixed dates of Allah? Can we change a date of the Gregorian calendar? Do we claim a partnership in the affairs of Allah SWT? Now people make mistakes in Beginning of the Lunar month due to the ignorance of the accurate phases of the moon.
(by courtesy to Br.Ali Manikfan).


 – with the help of satellites and telescopes we can very well determine accurately and precisely  the Urjoonil qadheem  and also the conjuction time which enables us to portray and illustrate  a precise and accurate Lunar Calendar for the whole world and we could also formulate such an accurate and precise  Calendar for thousands of years ahead of the present time and also draw up calendars for thousands of years of the past; so being the case, we can come up with an international lunar calendar with ease, and we can also simultaneously keep following the phases of the moon to determine whether the Calendar is right and Insha Allah you would see that the Calendar would be calculated with very great precision; and this Lunar Calendar would be an Universal Lunar Calendar most reliable, trustworthy, and completely and totally dependable for all dates of all times and all places and above all there would be just ONE Calendar for the whole world just like the Solar or Gregorian calendar but far more precise and accurate and completely in the way shown by Allah and His Messenger.

Allah SWT has fixed the phases and manaazil for the moon on the very day of creation.9:36. We can count with the naked eye 29 phases in a month of 30 days and 28 phases in a month of 29 days.When such is the case how can we change the the fixed dates of Allah? Can we change a date of the Gegorian calendar? Do we claim a partnership in the affairs of AllahSWT? Now people have made a mistake in Beginning Muharram. It began on Monday. But they have added one day of Muharram in Zul hijja? Is this allowed in Islam? Who is responsible for it? (Thanks to brother Ali Manikfan)

We will have to re-educate the public as to the beginning of the Islamic day and the urjoonil qadheem which will ensure the Muslim ummah to have a crystal clear understanding about the lunar calendar and enforce a single uniform lunar calendar for the entire world. Insha Allah, lets pray the entire ummah get enlightened as to all these facts and unitedly enforce the accurate international lunar calendar Aameen, Aameen, Aameen, Valhumdu lillahi Rabbil Aalameen.


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed