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A Humble Request


By the Grace of the Almighty Allah(swt), I humbly request you brothers and sisters in Islam to understand this simple phenomena that just as the five pillars of Islam; i.e., Shahadath,  Prayer, Fasting, Zakath, and Haj – have to be strictly observed in Islam, it is also very very important to observe the Lunar calendar in Islam. People are unaware of this, but their ignorance is not going to excuse them for not following the Lunar calendar strictly. The main reason  for this is the Ignorance of the so-called Alims, their education is drastically limited and they do not know the basic A,B,C,  of astronomy – whereas the Sahabas at the time of Rasool(s.a.w) were all astronomers, well versed with the moon and the stars, and they were well versed with the phases of the moon, and they did not go out on the eve of the Eid looking out for the crescent moon, our so called Alims though ignorant as to this fact, they keep arguing foolishly and stupidly about the Lunar calendar and bring in hair-splitting arguments and vague discussions and throw concrete proofs and Truths aside. That is the main factor for this pitiable situation of the present Islamic lunar calendar.  Each country has its own Lunar calendar and sometimes each state has its own Lunar calendar and sometimes a country has more than three or four different calendars with different dates – this indeed is the sad state of affairs of the Islamic Lunar calendar.


To formulate a calendar – for that matter, any calendar we definitely need calculation and without this calculation, we can never never formulate a calendar of any sort. Allah says in the Holy Quran ( 55: 5) that the Sun and the Moon run on courses exactly computed;  in other words exactly calculated, meaning to say they run on the courses precisely calculated and they never deviate from their courses and that they are very very accurate, in other places in the Quran Allah(swt) says:


It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light (of beauty) and measured out stages (phases of the moon) for her: that ye might calculate the number of years and the count of the (moon's) ages.  Nowise did Allah create this but in truth and righteousness.  (Thus) doth He explain his Signs in detail for those who understand.  

Quran : 10 - 5

 Wa qaddarahu = He appointed to it (moon) manaazila = elongation. Li tha'alamoo = so that you may know. adadas sineena = count of the (moon) ages. Walhisaaba = and the calculation.
Manaazil = elongation is the distance traveled by the moon per day. It is about 12° per day.
After 3 rd of the month both the sun and moon can be seen before  the sun set. You can measure the elongation by some device and dividing by 12 you get the date. For example if you got 66° divide by 12. You get 6.5. The date is 6th.
You cannot get number of years by manaazil.
  (by courtesy  to astronomer Janab Ali Manikfan)

Allah says that the Sun and Moon were created for people to calculate the number of days and months and years and here we are ignorantly and sadly relying on the Gregorian calendar for our dates and pathetically following the Christian calendar knowing full-well that the Christian Calendar is falsely fabricated and that the date it shows is wrong;  and it has a four-second difference every day and even the date that it shows is wrong, and that the people who spotted out the falsity of the calendar wanted to add a day to it a few years back but the Vattican responsible for the calendar did not allow it. Hence, we are continuing with its false dates.  Brothers and Sisters in Islam; this is not the case with the Islamic Lunar Calendar – this is very very accurate and precise, but the Islamic world is ignorant of this – there is not a second’s difference in the Islamic Lunar calendar.


Umar(r.a) formulated the Hijri calendar and we had no problems with it. It was accurate and precise, and the Islamic world had an excellent flawless, precise and accurate Islamic Lunar calendar until a few decades back when the Saudi government introduced their dual calendar (one for their government use, and one for the civil authorities to follow, both with different dates – and the one which the civil authorities follow the dates are casually changed as and when they like), which started all the confusion and this  deceptiveness persists to date.  And as a result, many countries are now confused and some have fabricated their own erroneous calendar.  Brothers and Sisters in Islam, there can be only one date in the world as per any calendar -  be it any calendar, let it be Chinese, French, German, Arabic, etc. etc etc.; each calendar can have just one set of dates in the 24hrs circle anywhere in the world starting from the International date line, which we have  designed to facilitate the starting of the day from a point, and this is most essential.  But unfortunately, the Lunar calendar, there are three, four, or even five, 1st of the months (every month), meaning to say that the month begins so many times though all follow the same moon but different Lunar calendars and for the same week day they have four or five lunar calendar dates, which is absurd and foolish.  Allah says that the Sun and the Moon run on courses exactly or accurately computed or calculated how then the differences, why did we not have these differences all these years except for a few decades back,  the Lunar calendar computed by Umar(r.a)  accurately and precisely and harmoniously tallied, coincided, and corresponded with Allah’s calendar hanging in the sky,  with the Sun and the Moon’s rotation and revolutions, each and every lunar eclipse and the Solar eclipse and the conjunction day, the full moon day and the half moon day etc. etc.; all merged harmoniously with the man-made calendar,  giving the whole world a Universal Lunar Calendar merging well with Allah’s calendar – why did the Saudi’s have to play with this excellent Calendar, how could they be so ignorant and foolish.


Brothers and Sisters; do you know as to why I am saying this and repeatedly writing about this Lunar calendar,  it is because just like the five pillars of Islam which you would have to follow strictly and especially Salah (prayer) which if you wantonly miss, Rasool(s.a.w) said that you would be a Kafir. So also, brothers and sisters in Islam, please understand that if you wantonly shift days, i.e  if you pre-pone and post- pone days and months, you would be committing zeyadhatan Kufr; meaning to say you would be committing excessive Kufr which would render all your virtues nullified, void, and useless – and one who does Kufr would be a Kafir, and the word Kafir, is the worst blasphemous, vulgar, obscene word that could ever be used on any person – there is no word more obscene or indecent than this,  and no man can be worse than a Kafir.


The number of months in the sight of Allah is twelve (in a year) so ordained by Him the day He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are sacred; that is the straight usage.  So wrong not yourselves therein and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together.  But know that Allah is with those who restrain themselves. 

Postponement (of a sacred month) is only an excess of KUFR  whereby those who disbelieve are misled
Quran: 9 – 36, 37


Please understand that without postponing or preponing a single day, you cannot pre-pone or Post-pone a month, and if you change the Arfath day then you have pre-poned or post-poned the Lunar month Dul Haj  which is a sacred month, similarly if you shift the 1st of any month you have postponed the month and you have changed Allah’s precise and accurate calendar, you would be changing the most important days like the Ashura days, the Enaamul Lail days and the Arafath days etc. etc. etc.  whereby you would be deceiving yourself of getting virtues when you worship on the wrong days  -   and thereby;  you would have committed Kufr which would nullify all your virtues,  did you know this, now since you know this strive as hard as possible to establish a single Universal Lunar calendar for the whole world, I swear by Allah you would be getting untold amount of huge, mighty virtues that you cannot dream of getting otherwise and you would be getting it till kiyamath day just for your efforts in establishing Allah’s calendar and making people worship on the right days,  Alhumdulillah the Hijri Committee of India have been striving for this very sincerely and have formulated an excellent Universal Lunar Calendar and Alhumdulillah, this Lunar calendar most harmoniously blends with Allah’s Lunar calendar in the sky – so pray for them and encourage them and help them in sharing their Universal Lunar Calendar throughout the world;  above all accept them and follow them.    HCI   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 And do not mingle with the quacks and involve in hair- splitting irrelevant foolish and vain arguments;, safe guard your ammals and virtues - Allah(swt) has given us Muslims an excellent, accurate, precise Lunar calendar and please do not make a mockery of it, by following Quacks and their foolish arguments; and also understand that there can be just one set of dates for the whole world when we follow any calendar and by far the most accurate and precise calendar is the Islamic Lunar Calendar and one of the most direst need in Islam is, it needs a Universal Lunar Calendar, a single calendar for the entire world;  and please do read these articles to have a thorough knowledge in this aspect of sighting the moon :

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AH Nazeer Ahmed