A Touchstone - For God

In today’s world where millions and millions of people are living with thousands of concepts of God and thousands of gods each ascribing their own concept of God, we have a beautiful touchstone given by God Himself and if one could satisfy this, we know for sure as to who would be the real God; and the One and Only true God is the only ONE who could satisfy these strict norms.


When thousands of people bringing gold, claim that they have brought the most original and the most genuine gold, what would a person do??? The answer is very simple. One would take a touchstone and rub each persons gold and bring it to the acid test which would reveal systematically the most original and genuine gold. Similarly, God has prescribed a touchstone for all those who claim themselves to be God or those who claim someone else to be God. It goes as follows:


1.      Say, He is God, the One and Only.

2.      God, the Eternal Absolute (needless).

3.      He begetteth not nor is begotten.

4.      There is nothing or none equal or comparable unto Him.

 (Al Quran—Sura 112 Ikhlaas)


This is the touchstone to check out the genuinty of all those who claim themselves or others to be God.


1.     First, God is one-. Here, we should understand, we are using the word He just for convenience sake. For, God is neither a he nor a she. “He” is the most supernatural power and all persons who are either a he or a she have their sex specified and we know the traits of the male and the female but God, unlike this, is neither a he nor a she. He is a supreme power. All those gods who are either a he or a she will get ruled out in this clause. 


2.     Secondly, God is total and complete and has no needs, whatsoever, from His creations. He is the one who satisfies all the needs of His creations and He does not have any of the needs that His creations have. For example, He does not need an eye to see, does not need ears to hear, does not need legs to walk or hands to handle, does not need to be a male or female, does not need a family or children or food or rest or anything that His creations need. He is totally free of all needs. Anyone having these needs is also ruled out from being God; for those who have needs depend on others for their need, and God Almighty is complete and needs nothing from His creations.


3.     HE neither begetteth nor is begotten. All things born have to give birth to, to retain their species on this earth; if not their species will be extinct and wiped out. All things born will have to die one day or the other. God was neither born nor does He give birth to. He creates. So, all those who have born or who have died cannot be God. God was, is, and will be forever and ever and ever; so all those born or those who have died get ruled out from being the One and Only True God Almighty.


4.     There is none or nothing equal or comparable unto Him. If you can compare a person either as a human-being or an animal or as an object which God has created then the question of him or her being God is ruled out. The True, One and Only True God is unique and far far far above is He comparable or equal to any of His creations. That is the reason He is God, The Supreme. There is no name to God. Every language has a term for God namely: Allah in Arabic, God in English, Khudha in Urdu, Bhagvan in Hindi, Kadavul in Tamil, Daivam in Malayalam, and so on. Each of these terms says nothing but just the term God in different languages.  All these terms apply to the One and Only true God. There is no specific name other than the word God for the Almighty True God; the very term God is applicable only to HIM. If The Almighty God had a name then it would be the same name in all the languages of the world – since He does not have a specific name the term God is translated into every language and is specifically applicable to Him and Only Him – when used to any other being it is false and wrong and a great great SIN.  Now, I am sure you would be wondering in what form this Supreme God would be in. The Quran clearly specifies that He exists in the form of a light. A light, most powerful, most unique, and most most most in all superlative degrees which cannot be compared or equaled with any of the existing forms in nature. Jesus says in the Bible that “there is none who hast’ seen God; even I, the son of God, only profess His being”, the Bhagvath Geeta says only the foolish try to depict Him in human form or in forms which their five   senses could perceive. The Bhagvath Geeta clearly states that no one has ever seen  God; and Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) has clearly said that the one who says that they have seen God is a great liar. So, we know for sure that none has ever seen God and all those gods, whom we or others have seen, are ruled out from being the True God.


If we are good, we will see God after our death and after the judgment day in paradise – In paradise, we will have everything we want in a most superlative degree and it will keep increasing and it will never decrease. For example, if a man or woman was given permission and the ability to unite with the opposite sex of the entire world and if they did unite and experience the joy, the satisfaction will not be equal to a fraction of a second they spend with the opposite sex in paradise. This is not an unique example; everything we get in paradise will be of this stature or higher. Paradise is something whose joys and happiness can never never never be computed or compared by any earthly standards or degrees. When in Paradise we will be in so much happiness and so much joy; that we’ll never want anything more than what our Great Lord has given us and even if we want anything it would be given to us, there would be no restriction or scarcity we would have anything and everything we want; and the Lord Almighty would come to us and ask us whether we are happy and whether we want anything more from Him, and the dwellers of Paradise would unanimously reply “O Lord!! You have made us so so, very very happy and how can we ever demand anything more from you and there is nothing more we can ever demand; we have  everything we can think of and much much more than we ever imagined; and at this juncture, the Almighty lord will order the veil before Him to be removed and then we will see the Great Almighty God before our naked eye, and our  body, soul, and mind will bubble and ooze with such extraordinary bliss , joy, happiness, and ecstasy; a feeling far far above which we would have ever experienced anywhere not even in Paradise till then; something we would have never never experienced  or heard about or thought about ever in our lives in earth or Paradise. The joy and bliss and ecstasy will be to the highest of cadres or statures and all joy that we would have experienced in the past would be most most insignificant compared to this immense and tremendous  joy of seeing the Great Almighty Lord. There will be no joy beyond or better than this ever, and the people of paradise would once again unanimously say " Oh! Lord, we need nothing from Paradise, just let us keep seeing you and that will be enough for us".


This great Almighty Lord has endowed us with great faculties and facilities and benefits and assets in our lives without our asking for them; like for example, the eye, the ear, the nose, each and every part of our body and also the sun, the moon, the air, the oxygen in the air, the water, the plants, the animals, the birds and fishes;and many many more great assets which we never think of and above ALL this,  in His great benevolence and Mercy, He has shown us a  clear path towards eternal peace , joy, happiness, and perennial victory "Paradise".  All these assets, the faculties and the facilities which He has given us would be of great value to us if we only take this path which we call religion; and here, please do understand that in God’s true religion, there will be no mistakes or faults or confusions. God has given us this path, not to confuse us but to clear things and clarify things for us and make things easy for us and show us an easy and a clear and a complete path. If we do not accept this path, we would be amongst those who foolishly squandered and wasted all these great assets, and faculties that the great lord has bestowed on us and become one of the greatest LOOSERS; but on the other hand if we do realize the TRUTH and accept His path (religion) then for a surety, we would be using all the blessings The Great Lord Almighty has given us in the most fruitful manner to be of the greatest asset for us in this world as well as in the hereafter and what is more, the Great Benevolent, and Merciful Lord rewards us TREMENDOUSLY for using the blessings and faculties that He has given us – don’t you think that one should be MOST fortunate to be worshiping such a Magnanimous LORD.


 May the Almighty God help us to utilize the blessings He has given us in a most beneficial and fruitful manner and make us most victorious  in this world and in the hereafter,  Aameen, Aameen, Aameen valhumdhu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen.


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed