Atheism is not a conviction; it is just a convenience; whereby, the atheist comfortably sins and lives his life according to his whims and fancies. First and foremost, when an atheist says there is no God, then it is automatically understood there is no sin, there is neither hell nor heaven because all these are associated with God and His creations; so when one conveniently comes to this decision then very comfortably one can sin without any compunctions and there is nothing called right or wrong; well then, when the entire world is governed by laws which are based on the right and wrong of religion; i.e, don't steal, don't murder, don't rape, don't cheat, don't do this and don't do that, so many things are all religious laws, God Almighty's laws, how does the atheist propose to set a world without these laws; and where is he going to get his set of laws for a world without God?!!!. To understand as to how stupid the atheists are, we have a small story which clearly depicts their  ignorance. To be very brief and put it in a nutshell - Atheists are people without Common Sense -- and let me tell you one thing: Common Sense is something which is not found in common -- it is a very very rare commodity, very rarely found and where you find it you can be sure to find genius; that is the status of the world today. Now, coming to the story:

An atheist and a strong believer in God Almighty met in a central place and were arguing about God, the atheist was arguing in a strong manner that there was no god; and the believer was arguing that there is god. Both were placing very strong and valid points to substantiate their stand and hearing these two and their arguments, a large crowd gathered around them and were intently listening to them, and the argument was going on and on for a long time -- finally,

Atheist: (retorted angrily) "Could you prove that there is God???"

Believer: Thought for some time and said "Well give me time till tomorrow and I will surely prove to you the presence of God Almighty".

Atheist: (more angry ) -- "Say I don't know, why do you want to escape the situation by blaming time".

Believer: "Surely I will prove to you the presence of God, please give
me some time, tomorrow at this very place, at this time I
shall come and prove to you for sure, the presence of God".

All the people assembled, joined with the believer and said, "Well give him the time -- we shall assemble tomorrow here at this very place, at this very time, and let's see who proves their notion". So, all agreed and parted.

The next day at the specified time, the people assembled at the specified spot and the atheist was also present but the believer was not there. The people waited and the atheist took the opportunity and said:

Atheist: "See, I told you he was just trying to escape by asking time to
prove the issue, see he has not come. I know he would
never come!!!"

Just then, the Believer walked in with an astonished look, and the crowd were very happy to see him, and they asked him as to why he was late???

Believer : "You know I saw a great miracle on the sea shore and that made me astounded and looking at it, it became late".
Crowd: " Well, what type of Miracle was it???"
Believer: "You see the trees along the sea shore, they started falling down into the sea!!!".

Crowd: "What is so great about it???".

Believer: "Well, if they had just fallen into the sea, I wouldn't have called it a
miracle; they began to cut themselves into well sized planks!!!"

Atheist: " What is wrong with you man -- you were ok when you went from here
Yesterday, what has suddenly come over you now???"

Believer: "Well, even if they had cut themselves into planks, I would not have called it a miracle -- they started assembling themselves into a beautiful ship
and sailing smoothly through the rocks out to sea".

Atheist : "You ought to be really unwise if you can come out with such a tale and expect
us to believe it -- such things do not happen and it's absurd to tell
such fairy tales to matured adults like us and expecting us to believe
such idle talk!!!!"

Believer: "Are you sure I will have to be really unwise to tell such things ???"

Atheist: "Sure man -- for nobody is going to accept that and only a unwise man
would come out with such stories. Without anyone, the trees cannot
become into planks and without anyone, the planks cannot become
a Ship, and without anyone the ship cannot sail smoothly by itself.

Believer: "Well, if I am a unwise man for saying that a ship assembled itself and sailed through the ocean -- then what are you, when you expect the world to believe that all the planets, the galaxies, and the milky way came by itself and are sailing smoothly in the sky without the intervention of anyone -- Well, as you said there should be someone to make the ship and sail it so, also there should be someone to create and sustain the whole Universe and that someone we call God."

The Atheist's face crumpled, and the crowd congratulated the Believer for having proved the presence of God Almighty.

Secondly -- most of the Atheists find their escapism in Darwin's Theory of Evolution -- Of all the great findings of great scientists, this is the most unwise theory of all -- First and foremost, Darwin does not tell us as to how the presence of the first unicellular life came into existence and secondly, Darwin is absolutely wrong when he says that there is just a single missing link between the monkey and man which he says would have proved his theory; this is a very flimsy, and weak,  theory as, - To be very very frank, there are millions of missing links in Darwin's Theory of Evolution. If the unicellular amoeba turned into a multicellular being then how come there are still billions and billions of such unicellular life, then again if the monkey turned into man how come the monkey is still on the planet, then again the monkey did not turn into a man overnight. It only changed step-by-step. Well, there are billions and billions of monkeys and why are they not changing; well if the evolution theory is right then why has not man evolved into anything different for these millions of years.

To conclude, it is not just the monkey changing into man, but everything having life should keep on changing like a banana tree changing into a mango tree, pear tree changing into an apple tree and a goat changing into a donkey or a donkey changing into a horse -- and mind you, these changes are not going to take place overnight -- and since there are thousands of these animals, we should also have these intermediary animals like half monkey half man, or a goat changing 25% into a donkey, then a goat changing 50% into a donkey and so on; and there should be millions of them in the world, Darwin is not talking of a single monkey changing into man, but the entire species changing -- that alone shows as to what a Stupid ass Darwin was. As far as science is concerned, we have lost a lot of species and many more have become rare, but we don't have any species changing into a different species to date. Every single species were created by God Almighty; and they retain their specifications all through the ages except for very minor changes of size, color, and intelligence.

One of the main flaws with Darwin's theory is -- Darwin says the first unicellular being could have come through meteorites but then he is speaking through his hat for we all are now very much familiar with the Big Bang Theory -- we all know that the Universe was just a single mass and with a mighty big BANG the Universe split into different planets and galaxies and milky ways but during this mighty explosion the temperature that ranged at that time and lasted for thousands of years later was billions of degrees Centigrade -- Common Sense would tell you that no living creature could have withstood or survived that temperature -- and it was many thousands of years after the big bang that planets and stars slowly condensed and cooled to what we have today -- so once again Darwin's first unicellular being is also a big hoax; and we know for sure that there aught to be someone who introduced the lives in our planet earth, and this someone not only introduced lives into the planet earth but also gave it a crystal clear guidance which we call RELIGION, and this religion is most essential for our lives to be peaceful and victorious -- the wise know it, the unwise disdain it !!!!!.

Do they seek for other than the religion of Allah? While all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling, bowed to his will (accepted Islaam), and to him shall they be brought back.


Varily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they (first) change it themselves.[Al_Quraan_013.011]


And if you turn away, Allah will exchange you for some another people, and they will not be like you.[Al_Quraan_047.038]


Will they not then consider the Quraan with care? If it had been from other than Allah they would have found therein much discrepancy.


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed