Deenul Islam is greatest gift by Allah(swt) to mankind.  It is the only religion that has been coming from the very beginning of the world and it is the great boon to the entire human-beings and Jinn; such a great blessing has not been given to any of His creations except Man and Jinn.  If the entire human-beings and jinn join together, they would never be able to substitute it with another religion nor would they be able to find a better way than what has been given by Allah(swt).   It is the only religion where there is not a wasteful word or deed ever said or ordered.  Islam is a way of life, most simple and most effective; none could ever find a better way than what Allah(swt) prescribes in Islam.  So being the case,  Allah(swt) has ordained on us the rules and regulations completely and totally for our own victory, success, and happiness; above all PEACE.  Those who try to find better ways, only corrupt and pervert the existing pure and complete Islamic religion and Allah(swt) does not like this in any way for His religion is complete and what He says is the final order, and He does not want anyone to tamper with it or change, transform, or amend anything of what He has ordained.  He alone has the authority to give or ordain religious laws.  All other man-made laws will have to come under it without trespassing or over ruling any of these laws laid down by Allah(swt).


As such,  we have a beautiful religion and if only everyone adheres to it, this world would be a most beautiful and a profitable place to live in; it would be a great asset to be alive on this earth, everything would be in plenteous and bounteous; nobody would ever have the need to beg or borrow.  They would have all they want and none would find anyone worthy of taking a sadaqa (charity) for, each and every one would have plenty; there will be abundant rain and abundant growth and a most sumptuous benefit and each and everyone would strive the utmost to help others as much as possible and gain as much virtuous as possible.  It is because of the sins in this world that we are in want all the time.  Very few, who have in abundance are also not so happy; they do not have the peace that they are striving for;  this can only be obtained by following the pure ways shown by Allah(swt) through His Prophets and Revelations one after the other, and now we have the last Revelation, the Quran and the last Prophet Mohammed(s.a.w).


Allah(swt) has shown us a way by which we have an answer to all our questions that arise in our day-to-day life and it is crystal clear that it is only due to the sins of mankind,  he finds the ways of Allah(swt) and the Revelations and the ways of the Prophets confusing;  if not for their sins, they would understand the religion of Allah(swt) in a crystal-clear manner.  The Sahabaas followed the religion to a great extent and they did not have any confusion though the majority of them were illiterates and real brutes before Islam came to them; but today, they are honored and every time their names are mentioned, we say Raliallahu Anhu (may Allah be pleased with them) and we consider them greater than all the greatest of Alims.  They did not go to schools, colleges, universities, or research centers to acquire such great fame, knowledge, wisdom, and Honor ; all they did was just adhere to the laws in the Revelations and followed the path shown by the Prophet implicitly – most of us are educated and it should be more easy for us to follow the book of Allah(swt) and His Prophet and what more,  we have the complete compilations of all the Hadiths much more that the Immams had, but we do not make an effort that is all the difference – we are so much involved in worldly affairs;  so we do not have the time for the Deen and that makes all the difference.


Today, the whole complication arises when people give their own opinions and meanings to the Revelations of Allah(swt),  and the ways of the Prophet (s.a.w) and also because they introduce in this religion of Allah(swt) their own opinion and customs taken from other religions,  who because of the deviation from the ways of Allah(swt) have already gone far astray – it is because the previous generations introduced new new laws and customs into the law of Allah(swt), Allah(swt) rejected it and sent us a new Prophet and gave us a new Revelation and ordered us to follow it implicitly.  Allah(swt) gave us this religion because the previous people, following the religion of Allah(swt) have all deviated from the true path shown by Allah(swt).  For example,  today we have the Sabe-Mehraj , Meelad Nabi, and  Sabe-Barath; these were festivals unknown to Rasool (s.a.w) or any of the Sahabaas; this is a complete innovation into Islam to be completely and totally refrained from.  But, people choose these days for special amals and virtuous acts.  Sad to say, none of these acts of theirs including the fasting and the praying is not acceptable from them to Allah(swt).  So, naturally instead of earning virtues for which they strive, they earn only sins; not only sins but Allah(swt) curses them for these innovated acts of theirs;  this is how the former generations strayed from the true path – is it not foolish to do the same mistakes again!, not only these two festivals, but also at the time of birth, death, birthdays, and marriage;  they have innovated so many new new functions which were not ordained by Allah(swt) or His Prophet;  all these new functions and customs make you stray further away from the true Religion which Allah(swt) gave us ; just follow what Allah(swt) and His Prophet have said and shown us,  you would never stray from success and victory that is yours.


For example, just before you eat, you are supposed to say Bismillah; if a person ordains it on himself that he would recite sura Yaseen and only then eat; it is the Revelation of Allah(swt) that he is reciting which naturally would have fetched him virtues but when innovating and substituting Bismillah with sura Yaseen, he incurs only sins; for his act is a biddath, an innovation.   Similarly, all these innovated actions in Deen only fetch you the curse of Allah(swt) and sins;


(Mohammed (sal)) said:The best of words are the words of Allah (Quran) and the Best of ways are the ways of Mohammed (sal) (Hadees),The worst of actions are Biddaths (innovations), and all Innovations (in religion) lead to Hell fire. 
Narrated by: Jabir (r.a)  - Books: Bukhari, Nisayee, Muslim.


(Mohammed (sal)) said: Those who perform (religious) duties, not shown, or accepted By me, will be rejected by Allah.
Narrated by: Aeysha (r.a)  - Books: Bukhari, Muslim.


(Mohammed (sal)) said: The Prayer (salah), Fasting, Zakath (charity), Haj, the efforts in, and for religion, and the religious expenses , of an Innovator (and of those who follow innovator’s) will not be accepted by Allah.  Just as a hair is removed from kneaded flour, they the Innovators would be removed from the religion of Islam.

Narrated by: Hudaifa (r.a) – Book: Sunan Ibnu Maja.


On the authority of Alee (radhiallahu anhu): The Messenger of Allah (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) said:”May Allah curse the one who curses his father.And may Allah curse the one who offers sacrifice to other than Allah.And May Allah curse the one who accomodates an innovator.”
[Saheeh Sunan An Nasaee 4119] [Musnad Ahmad 953 & 1305]


All Innovators who innovate in the name of religion are those who are trying to say to the world – that the ways shown by Allah(swt) is not sufficient hence these wise cracks are trying to make up what Allah(swt) has left out in other words they are trying to teach Allah(swt) their religion – and to these fools Allah(swt) asks:


Say (unto them, O Mohammed): Would ye teach Allah Your Religion? When Allah knows all that is in the heavens and Earth………….
 (Al Quran – 49:16)



May Allah(swt) help us to understand His Deen perfectly and practice it with ease and comfort and May Allah(swt) also help us to keep Thanking Him for all the blessing He has showered on us and for understanding His Deen correctly and following it implicitly.

A.H.Nazeer Ahmed.

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