Common Sense

It is not fitting for a Believer man or woman when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Apostle to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and His Apostle he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.

Al-Quran – 33:36


Allah says in the Quran that when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, then it is the duty of every believer, man and woman, to accept it with certainty and confidence, unhesitatingly;  for a believer should beyond all doubts, believe that the Lord Almighty cannot and will NEVER NEVER make a mistake, and what he reveals is and will be the Universal Truth and none can or would ever be able to refute its preciseness or accuracy; and Allah knows what was, is and will be without the least doubt or confusion. If a believer has doubt in this, then he is indeed far away from the Truth and is also in a clearly wrong path and totally astray; so being the case, let’s see our adherence to this:


It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be alight (of beauty) and measured out stages for her: that ye might calculate  thenumber of years and to calculate (your days).  Nowise did Allah create this but in truth and righteousness.  (Thus) doth He explain his Signs in detail for those who understand.   
Al Quran  Sura 10      Ayah 5


Allah says that Allah not only created the sun and the moon to calculate our days, but also He created it in TRUTH that we should be righteous. Let’s see as to how righteous we are:


The Solar calendar has seven days in a week and so also the Lunar calendar. There is no difference in this; whatsoever, the Sunday and Monday of the week correspond to the lunar calendar and here also we have the same Sunday , Monday. -  The 24 hours time difference; the time taken for the earth to revolve round its axis is the same for the solar and the lunar calendar. If there is a 2 ½ hours difference for India and Saudi time in the Solar calendar, the same 2 ½ hours difference exists for the Lunar calendar also.  – The Friday of the Solar Calendar is the same Friday for theLunar Calendar also – and the entire Muslims of the World observe the Jumma Prayers as per the Lunar calendar on Friday on the very same day of the week without any confusion or variation; (i.e), The whole world prays the Jumma prayer within 24 hours;  but when it comes to Eid celebration and Ramalhan fasting or Arfat day or  Ashura day, people confuse themselves totally and what is very very distressing is the fact that these days are prolonged;  for example, Ramalhan:  let’s take Saudi: It started fasting on the 1stof September 2008 which falls on Monday. Those who sighted the moon through the Satellite and Electronic Telescope started fasting on the 31st of August   which falls on Sunday,  and the Sunnath  Jamath of India started fasting on 2nd September which falls on Tuesday; and some even started their fast on Wednesday.


Now leave Quran and Hadees just for a second, and just take your COMMON SENSE into account, how many 1st ‘s can there be in amonth???   As per the Satellite decision, 1st of Ramalhan fell on Sunday and as per the Saudi’s decision, 1st of Ramalhan fell on Monday and as per the Sunnath Jamath of India, the 1st of Ramalhan  fell onTuesday. Anyone with common sense will tell you that something is drastically wrong with the Lunar calendar – They will tell you that it is impossible for a month to have three days on which the 1st of the month would come consecutively, and they would also say it is totally absurd and madness for each country and town to have a separate Lunar calendar.


Now let’s see as to who is right and who is wrong!!!!:


The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth when they come in a straight line, and this happens just once every month, and this straight line is called CONJUNCTION; The Moon is a sphere which travels once around the Earth every29.530 days. As it does so, it is illuminated from varying angles by the Sun.  At New Moon, the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun so that, the side of the Moon facing towards us receives no direct sunlight, and is only lit by dim sunlight reflected from the Earth, and the side facing the earth is completely dark. As it moves around the Earth, the side we can see gradually becomes more illuminated by direct sunlight,and once the moon crosses the straight line the conjunction line the new moon is born – meaning to say the previous month is over and the new month has begun,  just as the midnight 12 O’Clock - when the second hand moves a little away from 12’OClock position then the previous day is over and the next day is born. Please do remember the moon too is moving like the hands of the clock without ever being stationary at any time; now tell me if someone says “ we didn’t see the Clock’s hand move”! Will the previous day wait for them or if they say “we don’t  accept it” Will the previous day wait and keep waiting for their acceptance – I know it is absurd to say these things. Well similarly, it is absurd for people to say, “we didn’t see the moon or that we don’t accept the new moon”. The moon will not wait for them nor will the previous month be prolonged even for a second for their concurrence or acceptance because these are automatic events and they do not wait for anyone or any country. Just as midnight occurs for each country to specify the change of the day, so also Fajr, the rising dawn, occurs for each country where the day automatically changes to the next in the Lunar calendar, and so also the Month automatically changes to the next after the new moon is sighted and consecutively when Fajr, the rising dawn occurs for each country;. i.e, after the New moon is sighted –when every country gets its Dawn, starting from the International date line then it would automatically begin its next day and next month. The few hours difference from sighting the New Moon and the International date line day starting would be adjusted for the month being 29 or 30 days subsequently at the end of the month. One fact we should be very clear here is the fact that if we wait for the crescent to be born we would never have the international Lunar calendar, for the crescent sometimes would be visible after 8 hours, sometimes after 12 hours, and at times even 16 hours or more, so for accuracy sake and precision we would have to take the Conjunction line as the ending and beginning of the month. The time between the Conjuction and the sighting of the cresent  is added up to the end of the month to make it 29 days or 30 days as the calculations make it,  and let me tell you a fact this is the most accurate means of determining the Lunar month.  During the time of the prophet(s.a.w)  if the day was cloudy and if the crescent moon was not sighted they would automatically make the month 30 days and complete it and go to the next month and it was allowed for them and it would not be a sin for that was all the facility they had at that time – but now if it is a cloudy day - with so much advanced technologies and facilities if we come to know the month is 29 days would you accept it or say no no we would complete 30 days –to tell you the fact it would be a great sin if you do not use the facilities and accept the month as 29 days and continue it to complete 30 days.


The Prophet (s.a.w) said “Sight the moon and start fasting and sight the moon and stop fasting.” Very well – suppose a man wears a spectacles and sights the moon, would you say we will not accept it – definitely not; for everyone knows that the spectacle will not lie. It will only help the wearer to see the thing more clearly – Similarly, an electronic telescope and the satellite are here only to help us see things more clearly and they would not show us something which does not exist. They will not lie to us. Ever since the telescope and the satellite have been invented, there never has been an occasion where they have wrongly shown something which is not there. Allah says“the Sun and the Moon are there to Calculate your time and day and month and year”: and we have precise calculations, seconded and confirmed by the Electronic Telescope and the Satellite which checks to the preciseness and correctness of this - WHY SHOULD WE NOT ACCEPT IT ?????????Tell us one valid reason for not accepting this?????.


Now let me tell you what happens when we don’t accept these: We rely on hearsay or heresy rather than on established facts and Truth and many times we go wrong leading the entire crowd, who follow us into wrong. (i.e)Lets take the Arfat day this year 2008; the Dhul Hajj Crescent or new moon was calculated to appear on 27th November 2008 at 16:56 UT (Universal Time). And the Electronic Telescope and the Satellite confirmed to this with out a second’s difference when the Crescent was actually born, but Saudi refused to accept this – well, you may think what is the big hazard in changing or postponing it by one day??? – you see the actual Arfat day falls on 6thDecember but as Saudi did not accept the Satellite findings, they began the month Dhul Hajj on the 29th  instead of 28thNovember 2008, as was the fact  and Saudi’s wanted to see the Crescent Moon with their Naked eye and then begin the month. Hence, the change in the beginning of the month naturally made a change in the Arfat day also; and they made the people stand on the 7th December  - now tell me can we fix the Arfat day as and when we wish – Rasool (s.a.w) has said those who do not have Arfat, do not have Haj – the Arfat day has to be on the 9thDhul Hajj but as it happened this year, it was on the 10th of Dhul Hajj – Will the people who came to Haj this year get an accepted Haj?????  Common Sense!!!!!!. Similarly, if the people change the Ashura day from the 10th Muharram to the 11th Muharram, will they get the virtues for it ???.


 Lo! The number of the months with Allah is twelvemonths by Allah's ordinance in the day that He created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred: that is the right religion. So wrong notyourselves in them…………………………………….
Verily the Postponing (of a  month) is an addition to Kufr the unbelievers are led to wrong thereby:

Quran- 9:36,37


 The above passages speak about the Kafirs, but does it not say that the believers too should refrain from making such mistakes which the disbelievers do of taking one month for another – one day for another – But should calculate and use the facilities (like the Clock, Telescope, &Satellite) we have with us to determine the exact time and day and month and year;  and follow Allah’s command precisely without wronging ourselves with negligence and inaccurate calculations; for such miscalculations would amount to disbelief or unbelief ????? Furthermore, it would mean that Allah did not complete His perfect religion but left a flaw in it and people were all left in confusion, commotion, and uncertainty as far as the Islamic Lunar Calendar was concerned – could this ever be TRUE?????.


Also take Ramalhan Eid day, the people who took the Satellite news would be celebrating the Eid on the exact day that Eid is supposed to be celebrated, but  all other people who did not accept this would be fasting on this day (the eid day), little knowing that fasting on the Eid day or after the New Moon has been sighted is HARAAM. So also, there is a great confusion on the beginning and ending of each month, the Ashura day, both the Eid days, and Arfat day etc. etc. – why this confusion??? It is because we do not have a specific Universal Lunar Calendar!!!!! All the Muslims of the World, especially the Muslim Countries, should unite in this and formulate this easy-to-make Universal Calendar with the precise calculations and Electronic Telescopic& Satellite findings only then, would we be free from this ridicule – and Please do understand the Lunar Calendar is far more accurate than the SolarCalendar.


If you don’t, then you will be transgressing the limit set by Allah and His Apostle, and remember: The one who makes you transgress is Satan and obeying Satan, you can never never achieve righteousness or salvation and sometimes, it even takes you to Kufr (Quran:9-36,37) and you would not and cannot dream of getting any virtues from Allah – as Allah warns you:


If anyone disobeys Allah and His Apostle, he isindeed on a clearly wrong Path.

Al-Quran – 33:36


Once Rasool(s.a.w) and a group of Sahabas were fasting and were travelling – when they reached a place, it was cloudy and Rasool(s.a.w)anticipating the setting sun, ordered the Sahabas to break the fast; after breaking the fast, the cloud dispersed and the sun was still on the horizon.The Sahabas asked the Prophet(s.a.w) “Ya Rasoolullah has our fast been wasted”to this Rasool(s.a.w) “No! we acted to our capacity, Allah will certainly accept our fasting”

 By Asma bint Abi Bakr
Abu Dawood



1400 years ago, that was the facility – suppose a Jamath today  was in this same situation with the people having watches and cellphones if they broke their fast before the sun set on a cloudy day without utilizing the facilities because Prophet(s.a.w) did not have such facilities,would it be considered wise or madness – it would be considered a great sin and their fast would not be accepted  -similarly if we do not use the modern facilities and will fully neglect the TRUTH it would only incur sin for all those who neglect the TRUTH ????? Today,Alhumdulillah, we have great facilities and faculties which enable us to makeaccurate decisions and following the religion in a much more easy manner.


May Allah help us to analyze and understand Islam in an excellent manner and enact it in a way MOST pleasing to Allah and greatly beneficial to us, and them around us; and help us to use all our faculties and facilities in the most dignified Halaal manner (ameen) and please keep praying and efforting that we Muslims come out with a single Universal Islamic Lunar Calendar for the whole world immediately without fail and without any delay or confusion, ameen, ameen, ameen, valhumdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.


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A.H.Nazeer Ahmed