Dargha or Graveyard

Generally speaking the people go to the Dargha to pray to the great Scholars buried there for something that is out of reach for them and expect the Auliyas or people buried there to except their prayer and answer their prayer, but what they are ignorant of is the fact, that these great Auliyas buried there don't even know as to who they are, and also they do not hear a single word they say, they are as good as a statue to whom some people go and pray;  this is exactly what the Quran, the Bible, and the Bhagavath  Gita says.  The only one whom they can pray to is the Lord Almighty, for He listens and hears all prayers, not only He listens and hears all prayers, he has the complete power to answer their prayers also.

The people going to the Dargha or the statue are only wasting their prayer and their faith and their precious time, exactly not knowing the facts, that it was the Lord Almighty who created them and sustains them and He alone can hear their prayer and also He alone can answer their prayers.  Because they are ignorant of these facts they segregate into different groups and sects each believing in different statue gods, and different Auliyas whom they think can hear them and answer their prayers. 

"You cannot make the dead hear, you cannot make the deaf listen to your call when they turn their backs and leave."
(Qur'an - 27:80)

"The living and the dead are not the same. Allah makes anyone He wills hear, you cannot make those in their graves hear”
Quran: 35-22

The Auliyas or Scholars became so only because they prayed to the Lord Almighty for all their needs - had they gone to such buried Auliyas or statue gods they would have never become such great Auliyas.  The very commonsensical fact is that none will ever know whether they are Auliyas or not, only the Lord Almighty knows as to whether they are Auliyas or not, as He alone knows their innermost thoughts and knows pretty well as to why and what for they indulged in certain deeds, which we might think as great virtuous deeds, but actually could have been for just show off or for certain wrongful gains.  We don't know as to whether or not these Auliyas were really close to Allah or not, even if they were close to God Almighty, He would be rewarding them for it; whatever the case, still they have no power what-so-ever to hear or see the people praying to them for their wants, nor do they have whatsoever ability to grant them their wishes.  Not even the Prophets of God Almighty have these abilities.  Also if any person ties an amulet or Tavees on himself, or hangs a bottle or lime in their house or vehicle – thinking that it would ward off evil, he or she is having faith on these inanimate things to ward off evil – whereas Allah alone has these powers to ward off evil; hence their faith in these things make them a Musrik, they are no different from the Hindus, who have faith in their statue gods, who cannot help them in anyway.

Mohammed (s.a.w) said: Those who hang (wear) amulets have ascribed partners to Allah (meaning they have committed SHIRK).             
Book: Ahmed

If Allah aflicteth thee with some hurt, there is none who can remove it save Him (Allah); and if He desireth good for thee, there is none who can repel His bounty.  He striketh with it whom He will of His bondmen. He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.                                        Al Quran – ( 10 : 107 )

 "And who is further astray than those who, instead of Allah, pray unto those who do not hear their prayer until the Day of Resurrection, and are unconscious of their prayer?"
(Qur'an 46:5)

“The Messenger of Allah spoke to the People (buried) in the Well saying: “Have you found out that what your Lord had promised you is true?” then someone exclaimed: “Are you calling out to the dead!” The Prophet replied: “You do not hear better than they do, except they do not respond.”
Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 452

In the above message we see that the dead have heard what Rasool(s.a.w) had said,  Rasool(s.a.w) also said that when any person dies, they will keep hearing you and the your footsteps till the last person accompanying the coffin departs, that is the last that they will ever hear from the living;  this above hadees is also a similar one, the dead were just thrown into the well, and the people who were in the war had not left, so it is not unusual that the dead persons in the well heard Rasool(s.a.w).

Verily when the servant is put in his grave, and his companions turn away from him, he hears the noise of their shoes”
 Sahih Muslim- 6863
Anas ibn Malik

Once Rasool(s.a.w) said:  a prayer is an amal, fasting is an amal, zakath is an amal, Haj is an amal, but Dua is real worship, for in Dua we accept that the Great Lord is ALL & ALL, we acknowledge the fact that He is the Great Lord, the hearer and giver of all that we ask, He has no needs, but He has the power to sanction all our needs, and we give Him the due respect, and we also acclaim Him His right Power.  So God Almighty is the only one whom we can pray to;  and Him alone we can ask for ALL our needs and wants.

All people, who go to the Dharga to ask for their needs are Mushriks, meaning to say that they are worshipping someone else instead of the Great Lord Almighty,  exactly the same as the Hindus who worship other gods instead of the True Lord Almighty,  as per the Lord Almighty, they, and the persons going to the Dharga are both the same, they are both Mushriks.  As far as they are concerned, both will go to hell and though their virtues would be accepted they will never come out of hell, but according to their virtues, their suffering in hell would be reduced.  Abu Thalib was the uncle of the Prophet Mohammed(s.a.w), he helped the Prophet(s.a.w) in many ways, but he died as a Mushrik, and the Sahabas asked the Prophet(s.a.w), is all his Uncle's good deed a waste, as he has died as a Mushrik, but the Prophet(s.a.w) replied: his good deeds would be accepted and hence his punishment in hell would be reduced so much so that only a shoe made of fire would be given to be worn in hell, and that would make his brain boil, and that would be the least punishment in hell.  And they would never never come out of hell.

These people serve beside Allah those which can neither harm nor benefit them, and say, These are our intercessor with Allah! (O Mohammed), tell them, Do you wish to inform Allah of that thing which He knows not in the heavens, or in the earth? He is absolutely free from, and exalted above the shirk that they commit.
Quran: 10 - 18

And if My servants ask you, O Prophet, concerning Me, tell them that I am quite near to them. I hear and answer the prayer of the suppliant, when he calls on Me. So let them respond to My call and believe in Me. (Convey this to them), perhaps they may be guided aright!          
Quran: 2 – 186

“And We granted not to any human being immortality before you (O Muhammad); then if you die, would they live forever?”
Al Quran: 21 – 24

Even the Prophet(s.a.w) cannot hear us when he is in the grave, the Salaams and the Salavaath (blessings) that we recite on him, will be conveyed to him by Angels twice a day, but he cannot hear us, or see us after his death, they are alive in the sense – that they live in the Grave without ever hearing or seeing us the living, that is a different live altogether, that is the life of the grave. Rasool(s.a.w) cannot grant the wishes, or wants, or needs of anyone, for that matter he will not even hear people asking him, that being the case, commonsense would tell you that the Auliyas would certainly not be able to hear you ever after their death, they are in a different world, living the life of the dead – without any freedom of contacting the live on the earth;  that is the life of the dead.  So people who are praying to these Auliyas are no different from the Hindus who worship false gods.
they are MUSRIKS.

May Allah(swt) guide us, protect us, and sustain us benevolently and guide us towards His True path, and help us to be True Muslims, who adhere to his commands completely, and die as His true followers, and go to paradise without any questions being asked, and see Him perpetually, ameen, ameen, ameen Valhumdu Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

Wishing You all the VERY BEST

A H Nazeer Ahmed