Many places in the world are known for looking in to the day, date, and time to forecast whether that time is good or bad, and many people believe in it strongly.

Allah's Apostle said, "Allah said, 'The offspring of Adam abuse the Dahr (Time), and I am the Dahr(Time); in My Hands are the night and the day!' "
Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith
Hadith 8.200Narrated by
Abu Huraira


We know now for sure that the time factor or the time phenomenon is the most simple criteria,  where every nanosecond, every second, minute, hour,  day, week, month, or year which passes, never was or never will be again. Everytime, time passes, a new time takes place and this time was never there before at any time nor will it come again ever, ever again.  Now, people cursing time should have known about this time, but how could anyone know about this time, which never was or never will be again.  In short, the time we are spending is a brand new time, only meant for this time and it can never come back again.  Most of the people blaming time, forecast it after prophesying the future by observing the stars and the planets or by calculating the time. This is what they call astrology and use various numerical to define their horoscopes and future forecasting.  Today, science has so clearly specified that the stars and the planets are never never stationary to such an extent, the Quran already states


And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. They float, each in an orbit. (each following a specific new path furtherest away from the nucleus)
Quran- 21:33


The Quran also states that not only the sun and the moon, but all the planets in the universe have their own path and have their own rotation and revolution from which they do not deviate. This was said 1400 years or more back;  When people were still in a dilemma as to whether the sun is rotating round the earth or the earth is rotating round the sun, but Allah clearly says that each of the planet that He has created has its own path from which they do not deviate and today, we know that planets like the earth and the moon, Neptune, mars, and Jupiter, etc, go round the sun, and the entire solar system itself is revolving around some other planet and that in turn is revolving around some other planet and so on. And they are all going at a very great speed; going further and further away from the center from where they started initially.  Thus, again not a single planet stays in the same place even for a second.  Every place it occupies, every time is a new place, it was never there before nor will it be there again. So being the case, what these astrologers are telling us is all cock and bull stories because the area the planet they are discussing to authenticate their astrology was never there anytime before this nor will it be there ever again.  Every second each and every one of the planet are occupying a new place in space.   So, all what these astrologers are foretelling or predicting, we can see that it is out of clear ignorance of the planets and the stars, which they use to authenticate the prophecy.


 One of the shaytan’s endeavors in their attempt towards human destruction is to go up to the heaven’s and eavesdrop any news (from the angels) to carry on to earth. This news will be passed on to the fortune-tellers.

A’isha (ra) said that she asked the Prophet (saws) about how it is that the fortune-tellers sometimes foretell something which turns out to be true. He replied, that’s the word of truth that the Jinn manages to catch (from the angels), and so he comes and whispers in the ear of the fortune-teller, and to one truth he adds one hundred lies.
(Bukhari and Muslim)



 On the other hand, Prophet (s.a.w) said that  satan and his group gather one above the other till they reach the heavens and evesdrop on what the Angels discuss and pass it on to their  friend soothsayers, fortuneteller, or astrologer, and they tell them these one truth and based on this, the fortunetellers make their followers believe ninety nine lies which they fabricate and make them believe based on this one truth.   If it was true that these astrologers were able to know all the good times, will they not be in the best of positions but prevailing conditions tell us that none of these soothsayers or fortune-tellers are ever in a very well of position.   This itself says that what they say is completely false, only to fool the innocent people and make a living out of it; and nothing of it is true.  For this matter, no time would ever ever be good time for all the people nor would it ever be a bad time for all the people  - it would be good for some and bad for some or the other way around; bad for some and good for some and no one would ever ever be able to foretell this except Allah for He is TIME and He knows exactly and precisely as to what is to happen to whom and when and where and how.


May Allah bless us and help us to seek refuge with Allah(swt) from Satan and his associates and help us to keep pure all our deeds and reward us Tremendously for all our virtues deeds (aameen).


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed