Assalaamu Alaikum WR WB


Passing gas

Today,  most of the Muslims are well aware that when a person passes urine or motion (feces) that they have to clean that area first before renewing their ablution (wudu), but when it comes to passing gas, they know that when they pass gas, they have invalidated their ablution (Wudu) and what usually people do is just perform the ablution without cleansing that area from which they pass the gas. This is absolutely absurd;  it is because of the noxious gas which came out through the anus, the ablution was invalidated. As in the case of urine or feces, they cleanse their area before performing the ablution; so also this noxious gas, or condensed feces vapor  which invalidated their ablution, one would have to cleanse that area either with water or a tissue paper and then perform the ablution if the ablution is to be valid; otherwise, the ablution is totally invalid. For example, after passing gas, let the person place one of his fingers in the anus and smell it, he would be surprised at the noxious smell emitting from that place, it is because of this noxious gas or condensed vapor his ablution was invalidated;  So unless and until you purify that area, your ablution will not be validated; this is just commonsense, and there are no clear Hadees in this regard, anything coming out of these exits (places) will have to be cleansed that is the general rule and also common sense. Please be assured that if you did not know this fact and was ignorant about it, now being aware of it, if you take up this cleansing method, all your previous Amals which this gas invalidated would also be accomplished that is the benevolence and mercy of the Almighty Allah(swt) on His creations, and His Magnanimity has no bounds.



Many people, when they read the article regarding passing gas, came through many doubts like the gas was passed thru the clothes, was it then necessary to wash the clothes also, what evidence do you have to wash this place after passing gas, etc. etc.

First and foremost, even after wudu or ablution, the human body contains some impurities in the form of sweat, which is actually another form of mild urine excreted thru the skin, and the wax in the ear is another form of shit, take it and smell it, and it would have the smell of the persons shit, but then these are permissible levels of impurities which will not invalidate the ablution – like sweat or wax in the ear and the urine of babies below two years old – in case of urine of babies,  Rasool(s.a.w) advised us to sprinkle some water in the affected area of the clothes, where the urine of the babies soiled our clothes, so also scholars say that if a person has finished ablution and then some drops of urine oozes out in very small quantities then too, we could sprinkle some water on the clothes where the urine soiled our clothes, because this is considered as permissible quantities of impurities; and these impurities do not invalidate the ablution.

Had passing gas been of a permissible level, then there would not have been any question regarding the ablution becoming invalid, and the necessity of renewing the ablution every time the gas was passed – seeing that the passing of gas invalidated the ablution, will it not be absurd renewing the ablution without cleansing that area which invalidated the ablution as the dirt in that area was considered more than permissible.  As many people had suggested the gas also passes thru the clothes, will it then be necessary to wash the clothes also, commonsense would tell you that vapour condenses at the maximum at the minutest hole when passed with slightest pressure; hence, the bad smell at the area when a finger is placed at the place and smelt, it has a noxious smell – but when a finger is placed on the clothes thru which the gas passed, there is absolutely no smell. So again, it would be common sense that if that particular area is washed or cleansed, it would be sufficient.  In some cases; when the gas is passed, the clothes also get soiled in which case, there would be a slight discoloring of the clothes which in turn is an indication that the clothes have become soiled and would have to be changed or washed before renewing the ablution.

In the absence of clear Hadeeses in this regard, a person is left with the option as to whether to take it, or leave it, it is left up to him/her. I, on my part, have been cleansing the two exits every time I make ablution for more than thirty years,  and I see a great difference in my prayer and concentration in my prayer and thought it necessary to share it with my Muslim brothers and sisters, and I also feel it is common sense to cleanse the area as the impurities after passing gas was more than the permissive level; hence, I feel it should be cleansed – Allah loves cleanliness and the more clean you are, the better for you Salah (prayer). But then as I told you, there has been no clear Hadees in this regard, and we don’t know as to whether the Sahabas cleansed the area or not, there is no authentic Hadees to state that they cleansed the area before every ablution, nor is there any evidence to state that they did not cleanse the area before every ablution, I feel it is common sense to clean it, as the gas invalidated the ablution just as urine and feces invalidated the ablution and we clean them to validate the ablution. Since there is no sound hadees on this topic, you are left with the option to take it and cleanse the area or leave it and pray without cleansing it, the option is yours to make.    Some of my friends have asked, is Islamic functioning on Logic – certainly not, Islam definitely does not function on logic but Islam certainly functions on TRUTH and Islam would certainly and definitely never never contradict TRUTH, never never.



Sometimes back, the Saudi government passed a fatwah that cigarette smoking is haraam. I would like to know who gave them the authority to introduce a new haraam into the religion of Allah(swt). What authority or audacity do they have to do this; the religion of Allah(swt) is unique and is such that one can never add or delete anything in it or from it, it is totally complete and a perfect whole;  everything to be said is already said and there is nothing more to be added or deleted from it. Everything in Islam harmoniously blends and smoothly answers and solves all questions and problems.  Allah(swt) says in the Quran:

O ye people! eat of what is on earth lawful and good(Tayyib); and do not follow the footsteps of the evil one (Satan)  for he is to you an avowed enemy.
Quran: 2 – 168


Allah(swt) clearly has marked that which is halaal and haraam and that which is wrong but not haraam; ie, Allah(swt) says that it should be halaal for you and also good for you (Tayyib). For example, if a diabetic person were to eat a lot of starch, without chewing it properly and mixing it well with the saliva, that entire starch would be turned to bad sugar which would be rejected by the cells in the body; thus raising the blood sugar of the patient higher and making it very very harmful for that person. Now, Allah(swt) says that the food you eat should be halaal and also good, so in this case, the food was halaal but the method of eating proved to be harmful for that person. This is what Allah(swt) says that it should be (Tayyib)good also. Now, will the Saudi government declare for a diabetic person eating starch is haraam, it will be foolish. Allah(swt) in a crystal-clear manner said ; “This day I have perfected your religion” meaning to say that all that which would be destined to be haraam was clearly mentioned by Allah(swt) and the Prophet(saw), and no one has the audacity to introduce a new haraam into it. Allah(swt) knew it crystal-clearly and he had named them one after the other like drinking, gambling, intoxication, pork, etc, etc, etc. Now, we know very well that smoking was not mentioned in that list, and it does not come under any of the above cadres. It is certainly bad just as the starch is bad for the diabetic person as in the above case; so also smoking is bad, it is also Ishraff (extravagance) and it must certainly be avoided.

O ye who believe! eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah(swt) hath been to you Most Merciful.
Quran: 4 – 29


And spend of your substance in the cause of Allah(swt) and make not your own hands contribute to your destruction but do good; for Allah(swt) loveth those who do good.
Quran: 2 - 195


This passage was revealed in connection with a Sahaaba, who fought well in the Islamic wars(Jihad) but due to very painful wounds he stuck his dagger in the ground and threw himself onto it, thus committing one of the grievous sins - suicide. This was what Allah(swt) prohibited and you cannot substitute this for cigarette smoking. Cigarette is extravagance and harmful for the body, just as most of the fast food are, and also most of aerated water (cool drinks) are for the present generation; these cool drinks contain pesticide in small quantities.  If cigarette is to be turned haraam, then a lot of other things which the common people consume today will amount to be called haraam also. Whereas, it is just not Thayyib (good) and it is bad for them and they do not commit a sin and especially they do not commit a haraam. They should certainly avoid it and it is better to avoid but nobody has the authority to make it haraam.


Masturbation has been prevailing from very very very ancient times. Definitely, it was prevailing at the time of Prophet (saw), and there was no specific mention that masturbation is haraam in any of the Prophet’s sayings; as in the case of homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, having intercourse during menses, having intercourse thru the anus – all these are clearly mentioned that they are all  Haraam, but in the case of Masturbation nothing is mentioned  whatsoever, about masturbation; certainly if it were to be Haraam it would have been mentioned very very clearly as this practice is age old.  Common sense will tell you that if a wife masturbates her husband, nobody would call it haraam or the other way round, if the husband masturbates the wife, nobody would call it haraam. So also, if the husband is alone and thinking of his wife he masturbates, it is not haraam; or the other way round, if the wife is alone and thinking of her husband if she masturbates, it will not be haraam. Bachelors and spinsters, if they do not think of an illegal partner, then it is legal for them. It is only when they think of an illegal partner, then it becomes Zinah (prostitution) that indeed will be a sin (haraam). Even if a married man or woman, think of someone illegal partner during their intercourse or substitutes their partner mentally,  it would still amount to prostitution or Zinah. Rasool (saw) said every part of the human body could commit Zinah;  ie, illegally assuming an illegal partner with sexual imagination amounts to Zinah, travelling towards it would be Zinah, talking about it would be Zinah, seeing blue-films would be Zinah, etc, etc, etc. Islam prescribes fasting for diminishing sexual desires in the case of bachelors and spinsters or youth but we can be well aware that masturbation in the legal method will not be a sin.

May Almighty Allah(swt) give us immense knowledge and wisdom and help us to understand His religion in the right aspect and implement it with the right precept and perfect understanding as it ought to be understood in the broadest sense and make us a source of Hiddayath to ourselves, our families, our relatives, our friends and the whole world (aameen).

A.H. Nazeer Ahmed