Qur’an – Created or Uncreated

Recently, I listened to a Bayaan (lecture) of an Alim Mr. Saleh Al-Saleh in English Dated Jan 29, 2008; from the website: < http://www.islamhouse.com/p/75423 > from Riyadh; Saudi Arabia on the subject title : Knowing the Glorious Quran; and the subject discussed was “It Is Uncreated and It Is the Speech of Allah”.   

In this, the author of the lecture says: “Quran is the word of Allah and it is His Speech, for Allah is Qualified for the attribute of Speech and His Speech, like the rest of His attributes, is UNCREATED.  He speaks whenever and wherever He wishes and as He wishes. Allah really spoke in letter and Sound to Gibreel(a.s) who heard it from Allah, the Most Mighty and Most Magnificent directly; without a mediator and brought it down to the Prophet(s.a.w) as letter and meaning in Arabic”. Further, he (the lecturer) said – “what is created is separate and distinct from Allah”; - “saying: it is created, is a biddah and such biddah nullifies sharia”;  - “High is Allah above what they attribute to Him”; - “Quran is the Speech of Allah and He speaks it with a VOICE”.

At the outset, I totally agree with the lecturer Mr. Saleh Al-Saleh that the Quran is the word of Allah, but as to the other things he says about Quran being the Voice of Allah Spoken directly to Gibreel(a.s) and that Gibreel(a.s) listened directly and brought it to Prophet(s.a.w) every time Allah conveyed the messages – is very very faulty and misquoted and a great blunder. Some people sometimes elevate people or issues beyond their actual status; for example, some people consider Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w) to be created out of light and also to be very very pure – This is just elevating Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w) and giving him a status beyond what Allah bestowed on him. Anyone familiar with the Quran would certainly know that Allah repeatedly says that Muhammed(s.a.w) was just an ordinary human being – but since Allah chose him to be the leader of all humans, we honor him far more than any other human being; and respect him as a Prophet of Allah. And from the Hadeeses, we know that he had all the desires of a normal human being and went thru his daily routine just as any human being does. He too passed out the waste from the body and slept with his wives and purified himself everytime for compulsory prayers; had he been really pure as some people consider him, then he would not have had any necessity to perform ablution – but it was not so, he performed ablution before every compulsory prayer and showed the world that he too was just a human being.  

 Now, coming to the Quran and Mr. Saleh Al-Saleh who considers it a great biddah to say that the Quran was created – I feel Mr. Saleh is just blowing the status of the Quran beyond what Allah gave it; because Quran is certainly the word of Allah and Allah Created it on Lailathul Qadr Night and had it embedded or written in His Super Register, the “Luvhul maghfool” even before the world was created.


            We have indeed revealed this (Qur’an) in the night of Power:

Quran: 97: 1

That this is indeed a Qur'an most honorable

In a Book (register) well-guarded

Which none shall touch but those who are clean:

A Revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

Quran: 56-77,78,79,80

He doth send down His angels with inspiration of His Command to such of His servants as He pleaseth:

Allah says that the Quran was revealed just one time – the whole book was revealed on the night of Power (lailathul kadr) and not as our lecturer points out that it was revealed at different times and Gibreel(a.s) heard it direct, the VOICE of the lord and brought it every time to Prophet(s.a.w) throughout his twenty three years of Prophet-hood as and when he heard it. Secondly, Allah says that after revealing the Quran on a single Night, He had the book (the Qur’an) well guarded, which none shall touch but those who are clean. Meaning that the Quran was in a place well guarded; meaning  Luvhul Maghfool the register, which is well guarded to such an extent that the devils or Satan will not be able to ever have any access to it – only those who are clean and pure (the angels) will have access to it. Meaning to say : when the Kafirs of Mecca confronted Muhammed(s.a.w) saying that he is being inspired by Satan and his associates – Allah replied: saying, “This Qur’an is in a highly protected place and none shall touch it but those who are pure” – Meaning, the angels who are pure will alone be able to access it and bring it to Muhammed (s.a.w) and this verse lot of people take it to mean that it was meant for the people of the world and that people should not touch the Quran without ablution – this is totally wrong – the Qur’an has been revealed to the entire Humankind of the whole world.  And it would be most impractical if everyone – the Kafirs, Christians, and Jews etc. etc. should have to make ablution to touch or read the Quran – at this juncture I would like to make it very clear that Rasool(s.a.w) received the revelation of the Quran for nearly ten years when he knew nothing about ablution or wudu he never made wudu all these ten years and was still receiving the verses of the Quran, it was after these years when Salah (prayer) was made compulsory he came to know about wudu -  if you read the Qur’an with ablution certainly, you would get ten times more virtues, but there is no statement of Allah in the Quran or the Prophet(s.a.w)’s statement in the Hadees that the Quran should be touched with ablution only; if it were so then applying it to our present world would mean, we should automatically touch the computer, the CPU, the CD’s, DVD’s and mobiles etc., etc., etc., which have the Quran in them with ablution – is this possible?????. The Quran was in the heart of the People where would they keep it when they were not in ablution or when bath was compulsory for them, as a matter of fact the Quran descended  to Muhammed(s.a.w) when he knew nothing of Islam or its ablutions – he received the first verse of the Quran when he was not in a state of ablution.


Anything in and on the Luvhul Maghfool  is the creation of Allah, Allah before He created the Universe and everything in it, made a crystal clear and complete record of it and registered it in the Luvhul Maghfool.  Nothing of His creation or their details were left out of this Mega Great Super Register; to such an extent – that before He created the world, He wrote in it about all His creations and in it were as to how many times you would breathe, how many times you would wink your eyes, about all that you would say & hear and all that you would do & refrain, and all that you would think, and all that you would consume & wear, etc. etc. etc. to such an extent nothing of the details of His creations were left out. That being the case, He also had in this Mega Register, the fact that a Prophet by the name of Muhammed(s.a.w) would come and he would be confronted with such and such problems, and such and such questions, and the answers would be such and such – which the Angels would get it from the Mega Register and convey it to the Prophet (s.a.w) as and when required by the permission and inspiration of Allah(swt). The Qur’an was not an exception to this – The Quran too was on this Great Register.

But this does not mean that we don’t have our freedom to do what we want – it is the other way round,  we have TOTAL FREEDOM to think and to do as we please, Allah will certainly never interfere with our freedom, if Allah is not going to interfere with anyone worshipping Satan, certainly He would not in the least curtail anyone’s freedom to worship Allah – This is our freedom and Allah gives us total liberty to do as we please – Worship the Great Lord or the Devil – just as we please.  On the other hand it just shows that Allah is totally aware of all things past, present & future; and He has already recorded it. It just shows His ALL KNOWING POWER – His Omniscience.

To conclude – The Qur’an is the creation of God Almighty – it certainly is His WORD – every creation is His WORD – when He says “Kun” they come into existence and certainly it is not one of His attributes, and Just as the Quran was in the Mega Great Register so also all previous revelations the Torah, the Bible etc. etc. and the lives of all Prophets before Muhammed(s.a.w) was also in it. Before I end, let me tell you that www.Islamhouse.com is a GREAT Islamic website and the Muslims and Non Muslims can gain tremendous knowledge about Islam, so please do visit this site – the propagation is done in many many languages please do avail its services.

Love & Regards,
A.H.Nazeer Ahmed