Ramalhan 2010

Ages ago for many thousands of years, time was measured by the shadow cast by the Sun during the day time and the positions of the Stars in the sky during the night time; even during the time of the Prophet (s.a.w) the time of the Prayers were determined by these factors alone – but around 300 years ago the clock was invented and some of the so-called half baked Alims raised a big hue and cry and said that it is Haraam to look at the clock to determine the time for Prayer ( Salah) for Rasool (s.a.w) specifically said “Pray as you see me Pray” and as Rasool(s.a.w) determined the time of the prayers by the shadow cast by the Sun and the setting and rising Sun and the clock was an innovation and it should not be used to determine the Prayer time. But to-day Alhumdulillah, the common man is well versed with the clock and every mosque not only uses the clock to determine time but also calculates and formulates the time of each prayer for the whole year; and hangs the chart in every masjid and people coming to the masjid, just follow the chart and the clock to determine the time of the prayers.


Some of you who are reading this article would be annoyed when I call some of the so-called Alims “half baked;” if you understand the Truth, you too would outright agree with me for Islam will never contradict the established  facts of science and Truth – that is the only reason it tends to be the latest of the latest Revelation, and even if the earth functions for another million years or more, the Quran and Islam would be the latest of the latest Revelation- as it is from the One and Only True Almighty God and He is far from making a mistake and none can show a better path than Allah.   The common man to-day knows very well that the clock and the watch are accurate instruments to measure time and most of today’s generation do not even know that the Sun and the stars were instruments of measuring the time of the old. The Alims, who opposed this new measure were ignorant of Duniya (worldly affairs) and they did not know exactly as to how this clock and watches would replace the Sun and the stars in the aspect of measuring time. With their ignorance, they confused a lot of people and brought about a lot of misunderstanding  between the Muslims of that time and created unnecessary confusion and problems amongst the Ummah of the Prophet (s.a.w) with their ignorance. A great scientist , Albert Einstein said "Science without Religion Is Lame, Religion without Science Is Blind" ; This is very very true in regards to the so-called half baked Alims of our time – they neither know their religion thoroughly nor their worldly affairs and with their half baked knowledge of religion, they tend to confuse the majority of the Ummah thereby bringing in uncalled for divisions and difference of opinion amongst the Ummah of Rasool(s.a.w).  A true Alim would never bring in such confusion amongst the Ummah and would necessarily have good knowledge of Religion and worldly affairs.


In the present times, these so-called half baked Alims are solely responsible for the Ramalhan fasting and Eid days to be different in different countries – though Allah (swt) gave us the Lunar calendar which is far more accurate than the Solar Calendar,  these Alims have caused great confusion and misunderstanding amongst the Ummah and have greatly hazarded the implementation of the UNIVERSAL- LUNAR- CALENDAR which would in a great way unify the entire Ummah of the world and would pave the path for celebrating our Eids on the same day throughout the world and also would enable us to begin the Ramalhan fast on the very same day for the entire world just as the implementation of the Solar calendar . Whether the so-called half baked Alims like it or not, very soon this “Universal Lunar Calendar” would soon be implemented and every Masjid in the world would be hanging this in their Masjid; just as the inevitable clock this calendar too would be inevitable in every Masjid.


Friends what I am trying to bring to your notice is the fact that the Badr war was fought by 312 (appx) Sahabas. They fought this war in very dire situations and conditions, but as a reward for this, Allah(swt) gives them the virtues of all the virtuous deeds of all the Muslims till the end of the world for they were the first persons who were ready to sacrifice their lives for their religion and they were those who saved the religion from being wiped out from the face of the Earth.  Similarly, all those who strive to implement the Universal Lunar Calendar would be getting the virtues till the end of the world of all people who implement the accurate date and time in beginning the Ramalhan fasting and in celebrating both the Eids and for accepting the accurate Arfath day – these are rare opportunities that we get. Please do your level best and spread the truth about the universal calendar to as many persons as possible and you also implement the actual dates – Ramalhan 2010 begins on August 11th  and ends on September 8th. This year Ramalhan month  will have only 29 days and the Eid would be on September 9th 2010; and it would not be like the Ummul Qura the Saudi Calendar – for the Saudi calendar is false and is misleading the Ummah of Prophet(s.aw) in regards accurate dates and fasting on the 9th of September would be Haraam.


Those who refute these dates are following false calendars like the Saudi Calendar and a lot of people might not think this to be a major issue as what is the difference between one or two days – but come to know the fact, it would constitute great SHIRK: and also when the Arafath day is changed, the whole Haj is lost for the entire crowd who performed haj that year.

 Allah says: Verily the Postponement (of a sacred month) is an addition to excessive Unbelief (excessive Kufr)................
Quran – 9 : 37

Allah says that the Unbelievers used to postpone or prepone  the auspious months and this amounts to Kufr or Shirk but one should understand that even if the Muslims do this i.e (postpone or prepone the auspious days )then it would amount to EXCESSIVE KUFR. In the presence of accurate calculations and dates, if one does not accept it, then one is playing with religion – example: if one calls a Friday as either Saturday or Thursday will it not be considered foolish – we have well established days of the week - hence we cannot call it so – similarly one cannot call the 1st of Ramalhan as the end of Shabaan or anything else. If they do, then it would amount to Kufr or Shirk as we have very accurate date calculations and an accurate calendar totally coinciding with the phase of the moon and its rotation and revolution.  I am attaching a Universal Lunar Calendar and you can see it for yourself as to how the other calendars are false just by comparing the phase of the moon i.e. the rotation and the revolution and the conjunction of the moon. This is very very easy as many of the websites offer a very clear cut calculation in this regard. All calendars are purely calculations and how could people have a calendar when they do not accept calculations, but on the other hand Allah(swt) clearly states that the sun and the moon were created only to CALCULATE  the days and time – So friends it is time to oust the false calendars and adhere to the accurate Lunar calendar which would be a great asset in Unifying the Ummah of Rasool(s.a.w) throughout the world.


May Allah guide us and the entire Ummah to the right understanding of His religion and make us unite the entire Ummah and follow the right Religion of Allah with utmost ease and comfort and attain the best of Victories and Success in both the worlds (ameen).


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed