Ramalhan 2013


The sun and the moon are made punctual. (M. Pickthall)

The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; (A.Yusuf Ali)

Quran: 55 – 5


It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light (of beauty) and measured out stages for her: that ye might calculate the number of years and the count (of time).

Quran: 10 - 5


The sun and the moon follow courses exactly calculated – in which case how could it ever be that the crescent moon would be sighted either on 9th or 10th, on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, this is highly impossible. If they follow courses exactly calculated – they would have to be precisely on the exact day and exact date and they cannot be this, or that, never never  - 2 + 2 will have to be 4 if it is exactly calculated; it cannot be 4 or 5 or 6. Similarly, the crescent moon if it is exactly calculated will never be on two or three different days and dates,  it has to be on a specified date and day exactly – this is what Allah is saying but our ignorant Alims are saying that it could be possible on any of the three different days or dates – how foolish and impudent is this argument;  when Almighty Allah(swt) the All Knower of All things that exist in and on the earth and sky tells us specifically that the courses of the moon are exactly computed and  exactly calculated then how could anyone ever have the audacity, or impudence, to overrule this statement and also contradict this, by saying the crescent moon could come on any of the three or four days. 


But a sad turn of affairs, ordinary people who have studied a little of Quran and a little of Hadees calling themselves Quack Alims today have the audacity to question Allah(swt) and not only question Him, but are also impudently trying to prove that Allah(swt) is wrong, and that with their puny brain, they have far more knowledge that Almighty Allah.


New Moon on 8 July 2013 at 07:15 Universal Time.  (U.S. Naval Observatory
Astronomical Applications Department )

 This was the conjunction day where no moon could be seen anywhere – and this observatory has been telecasting regularly for many decades and none in the Globe have ever come out saying these are wrong data published, so we know beyond doubt that these data’s published are very very accurate,  and invariably, the next day is the first of the Lunar month and the first day of Ramalhan – this system has been proved time and again to be correct and accurate - and has been harmoniously blending with the Quran and Hadees as the solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse beautifully coincide with the dates derived by this method. There is no error in this system and we have an excellent Universal Lunar calendar proven by Allah Himself as to the accuracy of this calendar by blending the Solar and Lunar eclipses with the date of the calendar – “The Hijri Calendar India” have been putting their endless effort to bring out this Lunar Calendar;  you could visit their site and also obtain a soft copy of the Lunar calendar from them at anytime by visiting their site – and May Allah(swt) bless them and their families  in duniya, kabr, and aahira, -                   (https://www.facebook.com/islamicmonth
www.hijracalendar.com  www.hijracalendar.in  www.mooncalendar.in  www.hijracalendar.org)

 Just because certain people in high position or status do not get their say in this, they are confusing the common man, and raising an issue on this matter, and confusing themselves, and others on this Lunar calendar issue; but by Allah(swt) I swear this is the true Universal Calendar which harmoniously blends with Quran and Hadees and also harmoniously blends with the calendar of Allah(swt) which he has placed in the sky and also with the solar and lunar eclipses which Allah(swt)  has placed for us to check our dates accurately as to the beginning and ending of the month.


And the Moon We have measured for her mansions (set for her phases to traverse) till she returns like the old (and withered) lower part of date-stalk.

Quran – 36: 39


They knew how to find out dates by observing the Ahillah, phases and Manaazil, stages of the moon. It is very simple and they would have found out their dates without mistakes. But we firmly believe: ‘the month begins after we see the Hilaal’! This is a lie that has been told many times and perpetuated till all people have believed that Hilaal is seen on the last day of every month! In fact Hilaal, the waxing crescent becomes visible only on the first day of the month, never on the last day on which moon has no phase. Vide. Ibn Kathir 36:39  (www.mooncalendar.in)


“Ja’alallahul ahillatha mawaakeetha linnasi fa soomoo li ru’uyathihi wa afthiroo li ru’uyathihi, fa’in gumma alaikum fa uddoo salaaseena youman”. (7070)

 “Allah has appointed phases of the moon as dates for the people, so fast according to its view and celebrate Eidul Fitre according to its view and if it became doubtful for you then count the month as 30 days".

For the ancient Arabs, their true calendar was hung in the sky while our false calendars decorate our walls deceiving us in our dates. Now we have the accurate Lunar calendar by the endless efforts of some people and they did not format it by looking at the crescent moon at the end of every month, as the common man has made a customary practice of it – they analyzed the Quran, the above verse and the hadeeses, and brought forward in accordance with Allah(swt) and His Prophet(s.a.w) a calendar, an accurate Lunar calendar by following the phases of the moon which alone could give this accurate precise calendar – also see the crescent and fast and see the crescent and leave fasting is not the full hadees – the above Hadees of Ibn Kathir is the full hadees and only by this we can accurately calculate our days, months, and years – which till recent times was a question, - each village, town, city and country had their own different calendars foolishly believing that their calendar was the right calendar and all these people prayed Jumma in the entire Globe week after week on accurately the same day with a maximum of 24 hrs difference – but when it came to Lunar Calendar they had three or four different days in each place to start their different beginning of the month – it was crazy and we were the laughing stock of the world – professing that we had the PERFECT religion from Allah(swt) with such a stupid variant calendar all over the world – where we can pray Jummah exactly on the same day all over the world but we cant begin our fast or celebrate our eid on the very same day but we require three or four different days to start our fasting or celebrate our eid in different parts of the Globe.


Brothers and Sisters in Islam,  Allah(swt) gave us a perfect religion with a perfect calendar even far more accurate than the Gregorian Solar calendar but because we  perverted and constituted our starting of the Islamic day at Fajr with the Jewish starting of the day at Maghrib the whole confusion came – now let us revert back to the Islamic  way of starting the day at Fajr. Insha Allah we would solve this calendar issue very easily and prove to the world that our Lunar calendar is far more accurate and precise than the Gregorian Solar calendar. Because of these erroneous calendars, people are losing their valuable Ramalhan fasting, an act which even if they fast their whole life time they would not be able to compensate it, and also committing excessive Kufr (Quran: 9 – 36,37).  May Allah(swt) help them to repent and come back to Islam, shred their ignorance and unawareness; and once again come back to this path of wisdom and realization. 


The very fact that Allah(swt) and His Prophet have clearly asked us to observe the phases of the moon to specify the day and the time for Haj and eid and the starting and ending of the month,  annihilates the very idea of looking for a crescent at the end of the month and there is not a single hadees stating that Rasool(s.a.w) asked the Sahabas to look for the crescent moon at anytime of his life, nor did Rasool(s.a.w) ever go looking for the crescent moon at anytime; he saw the phases of the moon and determined accurately as to whether the month would have 29 or 30 days for when he went for Ihtikaf he sat in the Masjid exactly for ten days whether the month had 29 or 30 days and this is not in the least possible unless and until you know as to whether the month would have 29 or 30 days before hand - it is only because he knew this  before hand by following the Phases of the moon, he was able to do it. So let us also follow the phases of the moon or at least follow the people who are following the phases of the moon  and accurately formulating the calendar;  and pray for them and their accuracy for a accurate Universal Lunar calendar; and also please do understand that looking for the crescent at the end of a month is absurd – because there would never be a crescent there – the crescent you are looking at Maghrib is the crescent of that day which began at Fajr. To know more about this please do visit www.basicofislam.com/  and read the article “ When does the Islamic day start”.


May Allah(swt) help us to understand His religion accurately and implement it with ease and propagate it in the clearest manner in a way it would please Him MOST (aameen).



A.H.Nazeer Ahmed  


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