Saudi’s Dual Calendar

It is common sense that when a particular date is mentioned, that date would be a phenomenal date for the entire world, and there will not be any duplication of this date anywhere in the world. Only then, can we record the happenings of the world occasions on a particular date. If we have the same date in different parts of the world on different days, then there would be great confusion.  This is what is happening today in Islam. Though the days are the same throughout the world, the dates are different in different parts of the world and sometimes in different part of the same country itself.  Common sense will tell you that the Jummah day cannot be changed or altered even by one day.  So being the case, how would it be possible to change the Arafat day or the Eid day or any other day for that matter each day is an auspicious day and many important occasions have been registered in them making each day a unique day by themselves.  Allah (s.w.t) has given us profound dates which are far more accurate and precise than the Gregorian or Christian calendar dates.  The Solar calendar is short by 4 seconds a day, but the Lunar calendar, which Allah (s.w.t) has given the Muslims and the entire world is far more accurate and precise.  So being the case, how could we have a particular day with different dates in different parts of the country or different parts of the world.

There is just one Sun and one Moon; and Allah (s.w.t) in the Quran 10:05 has clearly stated that the Sun and the Moon were created to calculate the days.  So being the case, has Allah (s.w.t) given us an imperfect calendar or has man completely confused himself with impractical dates?  Saudi, for example, has a very very accurate calendar right from Umar (ra)’s period which stretches right to the Hijrath of Rasool(s.a.w), and it is a very accurate calendar but sad to say they are using it only for their government purposes. As for the civil purposes, they are using a fake calendar with fake dates, confusing the public and wasting the Hajj of millions of people and sometimes also the Eid day; when they are supposed to be celebrating, they are fasting.  Today, science has come up a long way and has given us so much facilities and faculties especially in the rotation and revolution of the sun and the moon and has given us a very very accurate calendar totally and completely and harmoniously coinciding with the dates prescribed by Quran and Hadees, but still because of people’s ignorance, we are still in great confusion regarding this calendar.  When Saudi can very well publish this calendar which is coming all the way from  Umar (ra), we cannot understand why it is keeping it only for its government purposes and having a bogus, counterfeit calendar and duping the public and wasting the hard-earned amals of the innocent public year-after-year for more than a decade, this pathetic story is continuing.  This year (2012), the dates published for Eid-Ul-Fitr and the Arafat day by the Arab News as declared by the government of Saudi Arabia are all false and baseless.  As per the accurate calculations, the days fall one day ahead of the days declared.  So being the case, if they were to implement the Arafat day, the entire millions of people’s Hajj would be wasted.  For example, could you change the Jummah day just by one day;  will it be acceptable? We know it is foolish and absurd. Similarly, changing the Arafat day is also foolish and absurd and the public should fight it out with the Saudi government and have the right day established by all means. This has been going on for nearly a decade and more. They have been publishing wrong Arafat days, though it is crystal-clearly shown by the Astronomical Stations, the accurate date of the new moon and the crescent moon;  Saudi’s declared falsely the wrong dates and at the same time, observing the right dates for the government purposes.  They have a dual calendar.  Can they swear on Allah that they don’t have such dual calendars? They will never be able to do so because for the past decade or so, they have been foolishly following dual calendars, one accurate totally corresponding with the original Islamic calendar from Umar (ra)’s period and the other man-made fake imposter trying to mimic the original calendar and confusing the people with wrong dates and making the people fast on the Eid days; like it is likely to make this year also as per the dates announced in the “Arab News.”

What is more strange and controversial statement is that Saudi announcing that it has seen the crescent moon on the July 19th night 10 o’clock this year. We cannot understand why the Saudi’s are resorting to such cheap methods, the crescent moon cannot be at this time sighted; it is only by calculation that we can determine the birth of the crescent moon. So being the case; and many times previously also, Saudi did the same trick atrociously lying outright that they have seen the crescent moon, when it was impossible to see the crescent moon especially by the naked eye; sometimes even with the most powerful electronic telescopes and satellite, we cannot see the crescent moon and Saudi declares that it has seen the crescent moon – they might as well declare that they are following the calculations method - which is very much with the relevant Quran and Saheeh Hadees, and there is no necessity to hide the truth shamelessly and declare lies atrociously.

We sincerely do hope that the Saudi’s would mend their moonsighting ways and declare publicly the right calendar and which they have for Government purpose and stop fooling themselves, and the public and save the valuable virtues of millions of hard earned ammals of the public – (aameen) and stop committing Kufr (Quran:9-36,37).   And Please know that the calculation method is the most accurate method and also COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY approved by Islam, Quran and Hadees; and this method is what would prevail till the end of the world.  Without calculations we cannot have a valid calendar, and with calculations if Islam could formulate a unique and precise calendar Islam would never never object to it, also Allah(s.w.t) and His Prophet(s.a.w) have clearly allowed calculation method in the Quran and the Hadees.

A.H.Nazeer Ahmed.

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