Erroneous          Saudi Calendar

This year 2010 Ramalhan started on August 11th though the Crescent Moon was not sighted nearly three fourth of the globe also started this fast on the right day, some followed the calculation method and some followed the Saudi Calendar, and the Saudi’s falsely claimed to have seen the Crescent on the 10th August evening – any astronomer anywhere in the world could easily tell you, that the Crescent moon could not be seen anywhere around Saudi on this date – but we had no problem as the exact day Ramalhan began was August 11th so everything went well, but the month of Ramalhan had only 29 days this year, but, the Saudi Calendar falsely professed to have 30 days of Ramalhan – though the Satellite and electronic telescope confirmed as to the birth of the crescent on 29th Ramalhan, and the entire world with utmost ease could easily find out the Conjunction of the moon which was on September 8th 2010 at sharp 10:30:52UT(Universal time)  so naturally the next day would be the 1st of Shawwal and the Eidul-Fitr day – but Saudi since it had an erroneous false calendar which was misleading the entire people who followed it – adamantly stuck to the calendar and claimed the month of Ramalhan to have 30 days when it actually had only 29 days this year, and it made the majority of the Ummah to commit a Haraam and made them fast on the Eid day. Prophet Muhammed(s.a.w) specifically stated, that fasting on Eid day is prohibited, and it is Haraam.

Please understand this fasting on the 30th of Ramalhan was not only Haraam but it also constituted Kufr – for Allah(swt) in the Quran – 9:37 clearly states that the postponing and preponing of a sacred month amounts to Kufr; many of you would be wanting to know as to how it becomes Kufr – Ramalhan ended with 29days on September 8th this year and on Thursday the 9th September 1st Shawwal began – but Saudi falsely claimed the 9th September to be the 30th of Ramalhan – though crystal clear proof of the beginning of the 1st of Shawwal was available. And many of the countries which followed the Saudi’s calendar were also automatically led to commit the Kufr act. It is high time the Muslim Countries got together and discussed this matter and formulated an accurate Lunar calendar for the entire world. It is height of stupidity to say that Allah left us with such an erroneous calendar in spite of the fact that crystal clear proofs are available and clear universal Lunar calendars are also available to the public which are clearly formulated on the phases of the moon by well versed astronomers who know thoroughly the Manazil and Manzil or the phases of the moon throughout the year – we sincerely hope the Saudi’s would not waste the haj of the entire pilgrims this year also as it has been doing for the past couple of years by giving a false Arafath date – Rasool(s.a.w) has clearly stated that there is no Haj without Arafath and a Haj with the Arafath on the 8th or 10th day of Dul Haj would not be an Arafath – and when there is no Arafath then there would be no Haj for the entire pilgrims, and Saudi with its false calendar has been wasting the Haj of the entire pilgrims for the past couple of years. We sincerely hope Saudi would make the Arafath exactly on the 15th November which would be the exact 9th Dul Haj and the exact Arafath day.

Kindly understand – one can never never have a Calendar without calculations People who do not accept calculations can never have a calendar – and Allah has clearly stated in the Quran : 10:5, that the Sun and the Moon have been created just to calculate the days and years- when accurate calculations are available to give us the specific moon’s phases and the accurate time of the new moon, the crescent moon and the full moon why cannot we have this accurate calendar which is a great blessing for the entire Ummah of Rasool(s.a.w) and the entire world would especially the Muslim world would have a more accurate Lunar calendar than the present Gregorian calendar which differs by 4 seconds every day.


                       Allah says in the Quran- 4:59 - O ye who believe! obey Allah and obey the Apostle and those charged with authority among you.  If ye differ in anything among yourselves refer it to Allah and His Apostle if ye do believe in Allah and the Last Day: that is best and most suitable for final determination.


In the issue of the moonsighting those charged with authority are the astronomers – they deal with the phase of the moon and are well versed with it hence their decision is very very valuable and a lunar calendar formulated by them will certainly be most accurate and precise so also you can see for yourself the attached Lunar calendar which is an international Lunar Calendar for the entire Globe; you can yourself refer the conjuction of the Sun, Moon, and Earth and the Crescent born each month – they would match perfectly and accurately.

Please understand that Allah or His Prophet did not ask us to emulate the Saudi’s or anyone for that matter, even if they be wrong – So follow the Quran and the Saheeh Hadees in all your ammals; when ever and where ever you are.

May Allah help us to Unite in this Perfect Religion that Allah blessed us with-Islam, and do not shame Islam by our ignorance and adamant nature in following erroneous habits and erroneous prestiges. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR RELIGION FOR ANYTHING or ANYONE.  


Please do me and yourself a favour – kindly send this message to as many Muslims as possible – JAZZAKALLAH KHAIRAN.


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed