See the moon and fast, see the moon and leave fast




Ever since man knows, the globe has been having the weekly days; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; the great and unique phenomenon of this is that the entire world has the same days without any confusion or distortion, within 24 hours the days are the same; If it is Monday, for the whole world it is Monday within 24 hours.  If it is Tuesday, for the whole world it is Tuesday within 24 hours; so with all the days in a week.  Also, the Gregorian or the Solar calendar; if it is 1st for the entire world, it is 1st  within 24 hours.  Not only with the Solar calendar, for any other calendar that might be like the Jewish calendar, Japanese calendar, Chinese calendar, Hebrew calendar, Ethiopian calendar, and Irish Calendar; all these calendars and there are many more calendars if you take them into account; if it is 1st  for  a place within 24 hours, it is 1st  for the entire globe.  All these calendars invariably have the same date for the entire globe with the difference of 24 hours.  Now coming to the point, the week days are the same throughout the year, the dates for all the above  calendars are same throughout the world but the most tragic factor about this is the people who have been blessed with the most most accurate and precise calendar have made a mockery of this calendar and there are 3 or  4 different dates of the Lunar calendar for the same weekday throughout the world.  Alas! What a great tragedy.  The great Lord blessed us with a unique calendar, far far more accurate than all the calendars and here, we are making a mockery of it by not following the Quran and hadees and implementing it. Whats more,  using the same Lunar calendar the entire world prays Jumma on the very same day with a difference of 24hrs but the funny part of it is, though the very same week day Jumma there are invariably three or four different dates all over the world for  the one and the same week day Friday and no one seems to see the atrocious truth of the whole thing and it has been going on like this for many centuries; and based on these gibberishes they say that they cannot pray Eid on the same day or start Fast on the same day thru out the world within  24hrs difference; they don’t for a moment seem to realize as to how it is possible to pray Jumma (Friday prayers) using the same Lunar calendar throughout the world on the very same day.


And for the moon, We have appointed mansions (phases) till she return like an old shrivelled palm leaf (urjunil Qadeem).


            Wal qamara qad darna_hu mana_zila hat ta_ a_da kal urju_nil  qadim
Quran: 36-39


“Ja’alAllah(swt)ul ahillatha mawaakeetha linnasi fa soomoo li ru’uyathihi wa afthiroo li ru’uyathihi, fa’in gumma alaikum fa uddoo salaaseena youman”.
( مصنف عبد الرزاق الصنعاني - كتاب الصيام باب الصيام - حديث: 7070)) this is the hadees of Ibnu Katheer.


 “Allah(swt) has appointed phases of the moon as dates for the people, so fast according to its view and celebrate Eidul Fitre according to its view and if it became doubtful for you then count the month as 30 days".




The above Quran and hadees very clearly state that we have to observe the moon to start fasting, and we have to observe the moon for discontinuing fasting; nobody was told to look at any particular moon, they were advised to observe all the phases of the moon especially the Urjunil Qadeem.  And commonsense would tell you that someone who advises you to observe the total phases of the moon throughout the month, would not tell you to go out in the end of the month to observe the next month’s crescent – something impossible for anyone to do.  The people have wrongly understood it because of the Jewish practice of starting the day at Maghrib.  Today, Science tells us in a crystal-clear manner that seeing the first crescent at Maghrib is not an easy task, very rarely can we see the first day’s crescent at Maghrib;  Even so, that crescent would be for that day which started at Fajr and seeing it at Maghrib would only mean that we have lost the day already, and we could only go to the second day – the first day for which the crescent was born at Fajr is already lost. In the Quran (2:238) Allah(swt) clearly states that the day starts at Fajr  and not at Maghrib.  By stating, “see the moon and start your fast, see the moon and give up fasting,” is not looking at the first crescent moon, it is meant that we have to see the phases of the moon all through the month especially the Urjunil Quadeem, which specifically determines the end of the phase of the moon and the next day automatically is the no-moon day or conjunction day where throughout the world, you cannot see the moon anywhere in the globe, and the next day invariably would be the 1st  of the consecutive Lunar month.  It is a sad state of affairs that Saudi supposed to be the pioneers of Islam and pioneers of the rules and regulations of Islam;  today, they are way behind the world and they are searching for a crescent moon; today the 6th of August 2013, when the world of astronomers and world of scientists have all stated that it is impossible to see the crescent or the moon anywhere in the earth on the conjunction day or the no-moon day.  The world is far ahead of the Saudis;  North America, Turkey, France, Bosnia and 20 other countries along with them, started the fasting on an accurate day following the accurate Lunar calendar precisely on 9th July 2013, one day ahead of the Saudis.   The Saudis neither see the crescent moon nor do they adhere to accurate calculations though Allah(swt) permits accurate calculations in the Quran.




The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) calculated;  (Quran:  55 – 5)




They are making a fool out of themselves and wasting the precious virtues and the amals of the common Muslims in many part of the world who follow them.  Not only Ramadhlan; also in Hajj, their wrong technique of observing the moon invariably makes them fix erroneously the  Arafat day which they fix on a wrong date whereby the majority of the Hajis lose their Hajj.  This has been happening for more than a decade when they started the bogus or dual calendar; one for the government and one for the civil purposes.  They are making themselves laughing stocks amongst the literate societies of the world.




This confusion does not stay with them alone, but also gets to all those who emulate them, making them forcefully commit haraam and Kufr Quran (9: 36, 37) (Ziyadathun fil Kufr ).   Real tragedy; for people who were chosen to bring people out of Kufr is today forcing people into Kufr.  Since the people who do not follow the accurate Lunar Calendar is forced to fast on the Eid day thereby forcing the former month  Ramalhan to one more or two more days, they are moving the month by one or two days which amounts to (Ziyadathun fil Kufr) and also fasting on the Eid day is Haraam. So, fasting on the 7th August 2013, would not only be Haraam but also Kufr as it is Eid-ul-Fitr as per the accurate Lunar Calendar and dragging the month of Ramalhan into Shawwal would amount to Kufr.




May Allah(swt) guide us to follow His path unerringly and with ease and comfort and gain tremendously all the blessings and benefits needed for a successful and victorious Kabr and Aahira and a question-less Paradise (Jannathul Firdouse) aameen, aameen, aameen.


A.H.Nazeer Ahmed.




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