Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain success and (Victory)
Quran: 3-104.


Allah says about Tableeq in the Quran that a group should exist always to say about good in the religion and encourage people about the good and warn people about the evil and make them refrain from evil. This group would be the most victorious and successful amongst the Muslims. It does not necessarily mean that only one group should be doing this work; many groups can keep doing this work simultaneously and it does not necessarily mean that some of the Muslims should be permanently allotted for this Tableeq work. It is a duty of every Muslim to do this work. It is like a train going round a country or going round a city or the Globe; people get in as they want, when they want, and spend some time on it and get out where they want and when they want. Similarly, this Tableeq group would be a necessity of all Muslims and they can get in to the Group whenever they want; either learn the Religion or propagate Religion totally in accordance to Quran and Hadees and get down whenever they want and wherever they want. It does not necessarily mean that one should go from place to place spreading Islam but to-day you can also sit at home and through internet learn and propagate Deen (Islam). This is what actual Tableeq is and Rasool (s.a.w) says “a small amount of time spent in this work of Tableeq is far more valuable than the entire world and everything in it”. Also, it is a must for every Muslim to take effort to learn the Quran and Hadees with meaning,  understand it, implement it, and propagate it.


The present Tableeq has nothing of this in it. They have packed up Quran and Hadees and left it aside and go about saying: This is for the Alims and the common man should not go about explaining it to others and it is only for the Alims. They go even a step further and say in their Fazayela’ Quran that people who could propagate it should have the knowledge of Kashf.  Kashf is the knowledge of the hidden; only Allah has this power and He gives it not to anyone; To be honest, even Rasool(s.a.w) did not have it, none of the Prophets had it; not even the Angels have it. How can anyone ever profess to have the Unique power of Allah, but the Tableeq people believe that great people have it and they the tableeq going people even ask Allah to give them such powers, this is also one of the transgressing limits of the Tableeq people; probably they are waiting for people with the powers of Kashf to come and teach them the Quran and Hadees; The present Tableeq is nothing more than a great Fithna (confusion) on the Ummah of Prophet Mohammed(s.a.w). On the other hand, Allah says “I have made the Quran very simple and easy to understand it and to make it more simple and more easier, I have sent a Prophet to show the practical side of Quran.” Allah certainly is not telling us a lie. Anyone who can take an honest and sincere effort to learn Quran will never never feel cheated in this matter. He will certainly understand the Quran and the Hadees because they are very simple unlike the quacks of religion who keep propagating that the Quran and Hadees have a lot of contradiction in each other. This is totally wrong. Anyone who has taken an honest effort to learn them will tell you the Quran and Hadees both go very harmoniously together and are very consistent with each other; they are never discordant or incompatible with each other at any time and there is nothing jarring and both highlight each other delineating and explaining each other in a crystal clear manner.  At this juncture, we like to point out that the Quran and Hadees are tools for man to formulate his/her lifestyle and habits to a most congenial, peaceful and a victorious life in this world and in the hereafter.  Certainly, Allah and His Prophet did not give us the Quran and Hadees to complicate and confuse each other. They gave it to us only for a better and a crystal clear understanding of Deen and Dunya and certainly neither of them are liars. But, you will have to go through the whole Quran and Hadees to come to this understanding and this is a most essential task every Muslim should undertake knowing our great Lord and His messenger have given us a path for perennial peace and victory and unimaginable happiness. If you want to achieve this, Quran and Saheeh Hadees are the MOST essential foundation for this.


Instead of this, the present Tableeq have their own concocted thaqleem books which they call fasayil and masayil books which they revere far more greater than Quran and Hadees and go to the extent of saying Quran and Hadees the common man will not understand.  So, to encourage them to learn more of deen, they are reading these books. To be frank, people who are going 50 years or 60 years are still reading these same books and they have not touched Quran and Hadees i.e. reading them and understanding them with meaning.  Most of them, blindly pronounce the Quran and the Quranic verses without ever understanding whatsoever of its meaning which Allah and His Prophet wanted us to understand and formulate our ways in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by them for a victorious and peaceful and a successful life. In the Tableeq books, there are a lot of contradictions to the Quran and Saheeh Hadees and the Tableeq people say, you omit what you don’t want and take what you want from the taqleem books. But it is like a glass of pure milk with a drop of deadly poison – you cannot tell a person take what you want and leave what you don’t want. If you take it, it is not going to do you any good. Similarly, the present Tableeq when you go with them, is not going to educate you in the way Allah and His messenger have advised you to. For example:


1: A scholar in this concocted taqleem book (fasaile ramadhan) says that the Lailathul Qadr comes throughout the year and he himself has seen it twice in other months other than Ramadhan. What an atrocious and outrageous statement is this. He is saying Allah is telling a lie. His messenger is telling a lie and the Quran is telling a lie and they are all false and the Tableeq people sitting in the mosque, thinking that they are doing a very pious religious act, are solemnly sitting and listening to these outrageous concocted tales and though the prominent members of the organization have been informed time and again; they have taken no steps whatsoever to correct this.

Are they really teaching Islam or are they poisoning and corrupting Islam????????????(there are many many episodes like these.)


2. Similarly, there is an instance where a woodcutter; a very old man feeble with age; with very hard efforts cutting down the wood and packing it up and taking it on his shoulders and trying to carrying it home;  when a well-built youth comes in and forcefully takes the pack of wood and goes away, the viewer of this incidence says if he knew “Ismul-Aghlam” (word of knowledge), he would have burnt the youth then and there and restored the wood back to the old man. Hearing this statement, his teacher tells him that the feeble old man is the one who taught him  Ismul-Aghlam.”


 Ismul-Aghlam means a word when stated you can change anything and everything in to whatever you want it to be i.e; You can make a house into gold or you can burn a house, you can make a country very very prosperous and fertile, or do the opposite in other words, you can do whatever you want when you know this Ismul Aghlam. Friends, tell me who has this power?????Allah and Allah alone Has this power. When He wants a thing to happen, He says Kun and it becomes. In other words, He says “Be” and it becomes.


Will Allah ever give this power to any human being or any of his creation????--- IMPOSSIBLE. And yet these foolish people think that there are people who have this ability and sit in the mosque and piously read these concocted heresies and tales and ask dua from Allah Himself to give them these powers and think they are becoming very very religious and taking great effort to understand religion. To be frank, none of the Prophets nor the Angels had these powers. None other than Allah will ever ever have this power.


3: There are instances in this book (fasaile namaz) where people have prayed with ablution (Wudu) performed for Isha prayers and with the same ablution without renewing their wudu, have prayed their fajr salah or prayers for more than 40 years. There are also people who keep fasting throughout their lives and people who keep praying throughout the night. Rasool (s.a.w) has strictly prohibited these acts and has said that except Ramadhan, men should sleep for some time and then pray in the night. if they fast some days, they should refrain from fasting on other days. Rasool (s.a.w) has said those who do not follow this, do not belong to me i.e., they have not accepted me as the messenger of Allah; they are following their own whims and fancies. They do not belong to me i.e. they are not my Ummah. They are those who follow their own religion other than what Allah and His Prophet have prescribed for us.


These are very very few concocted tales for your perusal. There are many many more and what is more is the present Tableeq have formulated their own laws which neither Allah nor His Prophet have prescribed for us. Please understand religion is what Allah and His Prophet have shown us. Adding anything to this is a biddah(innovation) and a person who commits biddah is cursed by Allah.


Mohammed(s.a.w) said:Allah curses those who follow innovators.

 Narrated by: Ali (r.a) -  Books: Muslim, Nisayee



Mohammed(s.a.w) said: The Prayer (salah), Fasting, Zakath (charity), Haj, the efforts in, and for religion, and the religious expenses , of an Innovator (and of those who follow innovator’s) will not be accepted by Allah.  Just as a hair is removed from kneaded flour, they the Innovators would be removed from the religion of Islam.
 Narrated by: Hudaifa (r.a) – Book: Sunan Ibnu Maja.



They (Christians and Jews ) have taken as their Gods beside Allah their rabbis (Alims and Ulemas)  and their monks and the Messiah son of Mary, when they were bidden to worship only One God. There is no god save Him. Be He glorified from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him)!               

Quran – ( 9 : 31 )

 When the above verse was revealed to Prophet (s.a.w); Athee ibn Hathim (r.a) a Sahaba, who was a Christian and who had come with a large group of Christians and had embraced Islam, came to Prophet (s.a.w) and said:


We have never worshiped our Rabbis and Monks (Alims and Ulemas) at any time, then why is Allah saying so, to this Rasool (s.a.w) said, do you take the words of your Priests when they say a thing is Halaal or Haraam, to this Hathim (r.a) said “yes” and then Rasool (s.a.w) asked, “ do you clarify as to what they say, whether it is in accordance to what Allah and His Prophet have said” and to this Hathim (r.a) said “no” ; then the Prophet (s.a.w) said “ this is how you have made them Allah,  for when your Alims and Ulamas say something contradictory to Allah and his Prophet,  you obey them blindly without in the least clarifying as to whether Allah and his Prophet said it,  then your Alims and Ulamas become the law makers and law givers, and you obey them blindly, then it is equivalent to making them Allah.

Narrated by Hathim (r.a)                           
Book:  Ahmed; Tirmidhi


As far as religious law making is concerned, Allah and Allah ALONE has the power and authority to issue the rules and regulations in Religion, – NOT even the Prophets had this freedom to make the rules and regulations. The Prophets only conveyed the religious laws from Allah to the People. The laws given by Allah are pure, perfect, and faultless, applicable for all times but the same cannot be said for manmade religious laws; also one cannot interfere with God’s laws, manmade laws would only be a perversion, corruption, and a pollution in Allah’s ideal and faultless laws.   In light of these above Quran Ayyats and Hadees, know for yourself how far the present Tableeq is from the real Tableeq Allah and His Prophet have prescribed for us which (the Tableeq which Allah & His Prophet have advocated)  if followed would be a great great asset for the Muslims and the entire mankind. In such Tableeq, People going in the Tableeq within a few years, would become great Alims well versed with Quran and Hadees and that is what you ought to know to be a real Alim; instead of the Quran and Hadees, the present Tableeq follow concocted tales and story books and cheat themselves and the people who follow them and waste their valuable time and energy  – Quran and Hadees they know naught but heresies and tales they know a lot and they innovate a lot in their movement – i.e. even the 40 days chilla and the Sub Gujari and the monthly 3-day are all innovations.  Ask yourself – who gave these rules, neither Allah nor His Prophet prescribed these rules. They left it to the options of the people to choose as to how many days and hours they wanted to spend in the Jamath and leave it when they wanted to – there is no hard and fast rule you can do the Deeniath work as and when you want – but you MUST do it, it is an essential work but you should do it in the light of Quran and Saheeh Hadees, just as the Sahabas did the work of Tableeq, each and every one of them did it – they came to Rasool(s.a.w) learned Islam and accepted it and implemented it  and propagated it as and when they could, but totally and completely in the light of Quran and Saheeh Hadees – this is actual Tableeq – everyone could do it but it is a Must for Jamaths to keep moving out in the path of Allah, learning, implementing and propagating Islam continuously and everyone of the Muslims could take turns in this movement from time to time and keep the movement ALIVE all the time and it would serve as a great asset to the entire society and this is what Allah is advising us in Quran 3-104.



May Allah guide us to be true Muslims and understand His religion the way He wants us to understand it and to make the best use of the knowledge of deen which He has transferred to us thru Quran and Hadees and and help us to utilize it and propogate it for the benefit of ourselves, our family, our friends, and the entire Ummah of Rasool (s.a.w) and the entire mankind with utmost ease and comfort. Aameen aameen aameen Val humdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.



A.H.Nazeer Ahmed


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