The Value of A Virtue

Assalamu Alaikum WR WB

Generally speaking, there were Messengers of Allah(swt), there were Angels, then the Sahabas, great Alims, and many many more people who advocated Islam, taught and propagated Islam and all told us that this amal is virtuous, and that amal is virtuous, but none ever said as to what we would get for a single Virtue; nobody ever knew as to what we would get for a single Virtue, Allah(swt) never disclosed the fact to anyone.  In the hereafter Allah(swt) would clearly delineate as to what each and everyone person would get for a single Virtue;  for example if you were given an entire world and everything in it as gold and if you were asked to go and search everywhere to get a single virtue in exchange for this earth full of gold – no one, not even the Prophets, or your parents, or your brothers and sisters, or any or your close or far relatives, or anyone for that matter, however close and intimate you were in the earth would be prepared to give you a single virtue in exchange for the entire world full of gold, though you could use the gold, for Allah(swt) would not give anything useless. Because Allah(swt) would have clearly stated as to what you would get for a single virtue and it would be so tremendously magnanimous and great that the entire earth full of gold would be very very negligible in comparison to what Allah(swt) gives for a single virtue and no one however lovable they were in earth would be ready to part with a single virtue in lieu of an earth full of gold.  People would understand the true value of a Virtue only then.

The life we spend on this earth is very very short;  for example when a child is born, Adhan is said in one ear and the Iqamath is said in the other ear – when Adhan and Iqama are said what is next? – naturally the prayer, but here nothing is done, no one prays, there is no Fard prayer without Adhan and Iqama – this prayer is the child’s Janaza prayer, the Janaza prayer is Farlay-Kifaya  but no one stated the Adhan or the Iqama – well that was said when the child was born.  Brothers and sisters that short is the life on earth, the Adhan and the Iqama stated the next is the prayer – the time between the Iqama and the prayer is the time we spend on this earth, just as an ant could be shown as big as an elephant, with the help of a magnifying glass, Allah(swt) has blown this time that big for us, to make us think that it is big and we spend 100 to a 150 years generally on this earth;  the time we spend in the hereafter will be – just a day would equal a thousand years on this earth and we would be spending billions and billions and billions of never ending years in the hereafter, and when in comparison to this time we spend on this earth would be only be equal to the time between the Iqama and the prayer.

Brothers and sisters, this life that we spend on this earth is tremendously, very very important – so very important that we cannot afford to waste it – it is only in this earth we can do as many virtuous deeds, and save as much virtues as we can, and it is this earth only that we can erase all our sins, and it is this earth only we can clearly choose whether we want Hell or Heaven. 

And Allah(swt) says that there is no compulsion in religion:

Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
Al Quran: 2 – 256

And in the Quran Allah (swt) says:
This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.
Al Quran: 5 – 3

Allah(swt) has very clearly stated, Precisely and accurately that there is no compulsion in religion the right and wrong are very clearly specified and it is the freedom of each and everyone either to adhere to it or neglect it, paradise and hell are their freedom to choose. All your questions are answered, you'll have to make an effort and read the Quran and the Saheeh Hadees to get the answers to your doubts and Questions.  The Prophets and revelations were given to them to choose right way or go as they please, it was the duty of the Prophets to state what Allah(swt) stated – but it is the individuals choice  to choose what he wills with his own freedom.

In paradise People would be so very happy to an extent that they would have everything they ask for,  namely:  Allah(swt) has given this earth only one Blessing of His, and that is the reason for all the happiness, bliss, and joy on this earth – whatever it may be good or bad, but in Paradise he would give the remaining ninety nine Blessings and people would know no bounds to the bliss, joy and happiness, so immensely and tremendously would be their joy – but in one case they would be very very sad – that is, for every small or big deeds of good they did in earth Allah(swt) has blessed them with so much happiness and status, they would think, how much time they had on the earth and they squandered their time, had they utilized their time worth fully  how much more they would have gotten, and how much more their ranks would have been raised in paradise.

Allah(swt) has given us the revelation and the Prophet for us to abide by them in our freedom and utilize them to save up as much virtues as possible and come to Paradise.

Once Prophet Muhammed(saw) was coming after the burial of a Sahaba, and coming across a stick, he picked it up and drew a straight line, and on the either side of this straight line, he drew many other lines, and then said, “this center straight line is my path and it shall lead you to Paradise, all the other lines on the either side of this line are paths that will lead you to Hell.  Hence brothers and sisters please utilize your time in as useful a manner as possible, please do not waste them, you would not get a second chance after death to come back and utilize your time worth fully;  we will have to utilize our time as worth fully as possible.  We should be a Muslim, and die as a Muslim – i.e by following the Quran and Saheeh Hadees in every manner possible;  how much ever we advertise in the computer, whatsapp, newspaper and what all means we have that we are Muslims it would be to no avail;  Allah(swt) should accept us as a Muslim and that alone would count, and that is only possible if we follow the Quran and Saheeh Hadees.  Don’t ever be a Shia, Sunni, Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hambali, etc., etc., etc., but just be a Muslim and believe in Allah(swt), and His Prophet, Quran and Hadees and In Sha Allah you would be a TRUE MUSLIM.

At this juncture I would like to tell you, that the enemies of Islam are wrongfully propagating, that Islam was spread by the sword – that is a big lie, for example the Moghuls ruled India for more than eight hundred years, and if Islam had given the permission to compel people, and convert them to Islam, the entire India would have been converted to be Muslims, but because Allah(swt) clearly stated “let there be no compulsion in Islam” there is not a single incidence reported that anyone being compelled to become a Muslim.

May Allah(swt) guide us, Protect us, Provide for us generously and Help us to be true Muslims ALWAYS with ease and comfort and help us to enter Jannathul Firdouse without any question being asked, and HELP us to see ALLAH(swt) perpectually – Aameen, ameen, ameen Val Hamdu lillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

Wishing YOU ALL the very BEST
A H Nazeer Ahmed