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Urjoonil   Qadeem


“Ja’alAllah(swt)(swt)ul ahillatha mawaakeetha linnasi fa soomoo li ru’uyathihi wa afthiroo li ru’uyathihi, fa’in gumma alaikum fa uddoo salaaseena youman”.
( مصنف عبد الرزاق الصنعاني - كتاب الصيام باب الصيام - حديث: 7070 )) this is the hadees of Ibnu Katheer.

 “Allah(swt)(swt) has appointed phases of the moon as dates for the people, so fast according to its view and celebrate Eidul Fitre according to its view and if it became doubtful for you then count the month as 30 days".


This is the actual hadees which they have cut short and say, “see the moon and begin the fast and see the moon and break your fast.”  At the time of Prophet(s.a.w), Rasool(s.a.w) never asked anybody to go and see the crescent moon nor did he go out and see the crescent moon, for it is not easy to see the first day’s Crescent at the time of the Fajr.  The people were more accustomed to seeing the phases of the moon for the whole month and determining the first day before hand.  As a result, they never faced this complication of going and sighting the moon on the eve of fasting or the eve of Eid. Actually, the crescent moon is born during the time of fajr and Ibn Abbas(r.a) very clearly states that the moon you see is reckoned for that day only, meaning the 24 hours period; and if you are waiting for Maghrib to see the crescent moon, because you cannot see it in broad light, though it was born during Fajr, you have already lost 1 day, if you are going to start Eid or start fasting the next day you have lost a whole day 24 hrs.  During the time of prophet(s.a.w), since they were following the phases of the moon practically every month, they never had this problem of sighting the Crescent Moon.


1.     AlBakhthari said: “We set out for Umra  and when we camped at ‘Bathni Nakhla.’ We discussed about the Hilaal. Some people said it is aged three days and some people said it is two days old. He said, we met Ibn Abbas RA and we said to him: “We saw the Hillal, some of the people said it is three days old and some of them said it is two days old. Then he said: “On which day did you see it?” We replied on such and such day. Then he said that the Messenger of Allah(swt) SAW said: “Verily Allah(swt) has arranged it for observation, so the one (the crescent)  you saw is for that day you saw it.
HADITH_No 2392
NARRATOR: Abdullah ibn Abbas



Brothers and sisters of Islam, you should first be aware as to the precedent we should adopt in matters concerning Allah(swt) and His prophet and the Sahabaas and the Scholars and Truth.  First and foremost, we should understand that Allah(swt) is TRUTH, and He would never never contradict truth, and He would neither contradict commonsense.  As a result, Islam is completely based on truth and commonsense; the basic is this;  when Allah(swt) says something and if the prophets contradict it, you should have the guts to throw what the prophets say and take what Allah(swt) says, only then you can be a true Muslim but the prophets will never contradict Allah(swt), they implicitly obey Allah(swt).  The matter is Prophet(s.a.w) saying something and the Sahabaas contradicting it; as a result, people are confused as to a hadith and the confusion begins, but here also, we should learn to take what the Prophet(s.a.w) says and throw what the sahabaas contradict.  Similarly, there will be truth offered on a platter and lot of scholars contradicting it.  Here, you should have the guts and the courage to throw what the scholars say and take up the truth.  For example,  in the case of the Urjoonil Qadeem, Allah(swt) very clearly depicts that we have to see the Urjoonil Qadeem and this is most important as Urjoonil Qadeem depicts the end of the month; hence, it is a must that you see the Urjoonil Qadeem, but MOST people don’t even know about it.  Because people have not understood this, we are having all the confusions in the Lunar calendar.

And for the moon, We have appointed mansions (phases) till she return like an old shrivelled palm leaf (urjunil Qadeem).

            Wal qamara qad darna_hu mana_zila hat ta_ a_da kal urju_nil  qadim
Quran: 36-39

If people get accustomed to seeing the Urjoonil Qadeem, they would harmoniously blend with Allah(swt)’s calendar in the sky. As a result, the Solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse, and the conjunction day and the crescent moon would all harmoniously blend and you would have an excellent accurately precise lunar calendar, harmoniously blending with the calendar in the sky. Ours would be a unique lunar calendar far far accurate from all other calendars of the world.  Such a unique calendar, Allah(swt) gave us, and here, we are mocking at it.  For example, when we do not follow the Urjoonil Qadeem, then we confuse ourselves with 3 or 4 days of the first of the month, each 1st beginning on a different day of a different Lunar Calendar and everyone claiming their Calendar to be the right one, as a result, we do not get our Enaamul-Lail which is a blessing from Allah(swt) to us, we do not get to celebrate Eid on the actual day, we postpone days as we like.  As a result, we celebrate Eid on a wrong day, thus; committing (Ziyadattun Kufr) excessive kufr; but for a few, we start fasting on the wrong day just as this year.  Had we observed the Urjoonil Qadeem, everything would have harmoniously blended, and we would have had crystal-clear days accurately and precisely following as per Allah(swt)’s calendar following the phases of the moon precisely and accurately without any doubt or confusion in whole wide world regarding the Crescent moon.  The Urjoonil Qadeem pin-points the accuracy of our Calendar, and the end of a month, and we can see it with our naked eye at the time of Fajr on the Eastern horizon,  it is far more easier to sight than the Crescent Moon, and Allah(swt) advises us to do this; the next day is the “no moon day” or the conjunction day where no Crescent could be sighted anywhere in the world and the next day invariably is the 1st of the Lunar month – that easy is it, any layman could understand it and also sight the Urjoonil Qadeem with his or her naked eye most easily all over the world.


Aisha(r.a) states in a crystal-clear manner when asked about the life of the Prophet(s.a.w) that “he was the living Quran,”  meaning to say that he, Rasool(s.a.w) followed the Quran in all his day-to-day life issues and matters, so being the case, he was very prompt in following the phases of the Crescent moon and in viewing the Urjoonil Qadeem, because of which he never faced any confusion regarding the Crescent moon, the Enaamul Lail, starting the fast, or ending the fast, or starting the Ihtikaf, or ending the Ihtikaf.  This is how Allah(swt) wants us to follow the Islamic Lunar Calendar,  Precisely and accurately without any confusion or any doubt; that easy was it for the Sahaba(r.a) and they were mostly illiterates and we are mostly literates, which means we should understand matters much more clearly than them, but here we are confusing the Crescent Moon issue to such a drastic level,  though from Umar(r.a)’s time we have been having the Calendar without any problem, and all people even from Umar(r.a)’s time when the Islamic Lunar Calendar was formulated and constituted as per the norms set by Allah(swt) and His Rasool(s.a.w),  till two decades back when the Calendar ended and Saudi started having a dual Lunar Calendar when all the confusion and doubt began – but Alhumdulillah; to-day we have the Hijri Calendar and they have come back with the original Lunar Calendar just like the one formulated by Umar(r.a) once again so please follow it and get your soft copy – they have a very accurate and precise Lunar calendar for more than 3000 years;  Insha Allah, the world should take it up and follow it precisely,  Insha Allah there would be an end to all confusions regarding the Lunar Calendar,  Alhumdulillah I am following it for the past 30 years and there is no confusion or mistakes in it and it harmoniously blends with Allah(swt)’s calendar in the sky and every lunar, and Solar eclipse, the conjunction day, the Crescent, the full moon, and all the phases of the moon are harmoniously and uniformly blending with this Unique Calendar.  Another MOST important factor is that we could use also the calculation method,  Allah(swt) permits the calculation method and today the calculation method is very very precise and accurate – Umar(r.a) choose the calculation method for his calendar, and it is impossible to bring a Calendar without accepting the calculation method – and he being the Kalifah and Allah(swt) stating that the calculation method is ok,  and Rasool(s.a.w) stating “he who obeys my Khalifah obeys me”, we should not have any complication in our Lunar Calendar:


The sun and the moon are made punctual. (M. Pickthall)

The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; (A.Yusuf Ali)

Quran: 55 – 5


It is He Who made the sun to be a shining glory and the moon to be a light (of beauty) and measured out stages for her: that ye might calculate the number of years and the count (of time).

Quran: 10 – 5


Allah(swt)  Allows all the following methods :

a)  Sighting the crescent moon

b)  Calculating method

 c)  Sighting the Urjoonil Qadeem method 

  d)  Following the phases of the moon


May Allah(swt)  reward immensely those who strived and efforted  for this unique Lunar Calendar in total accordance with Quran and Hadees, inspite of so much contradictions to their hard earned efforts  (aameen).  And, Please Remember that the Urjoonil Qadeem and viewing it plays a very important role in harmoniously blending the man made calendar with the calendar in the sky,  Allah(swt)’s calendar and making this a unique Calendar far superior than any other Calendars of the world.


Wishing you All THE VERY BEST
A.H. Nazeer Ahmed