When does the day start for the Muslims

Majority of the Muslims do not know as to when the day starts for the Muslims!!!

Most of the Muslim Population, around the Globe, are of the opinion that the Muslims' day starts at Magrib (sunset) time – This is a complete misconception. The day starts at Magrib for the Jews and sharp midnight for the Christians but for the Muslims, the day starts at Fajr (sharp sunrise). This statement could very well be authenticated by the words of Allah(swt) in the holy Quran:   


Transliteration: Ha_filu_ 'alas sa_la_wa_ti was sala_til wusta_ wa qu_mu_ lilla_hi qa_nitin(a).

Guard strictly (all) your prayers, especially the middle prayer and stand before Allah in a devout (frame of mind or thaqwa).
Quran- 2:238


This verse, when it was initially revealed, the words “middle prayer” were not there; instead, it was substituted with the words “Asr Prayer” – Allah purposely changed this word Asr prayer to middle prayer for the people to understand clearly  that the starting of the Islamic day (24-hour period) is at Fajr – At the rising of the sun and definitely not the setting of the sun as the Jews have cunningly and cleverly introduced into the Islamic system. Thereby depriving the Muslims completely of their understanding of the “Time” factor, and thereby confusing them drastically and atrociously and depriving them of coming up with a Universal Lunar Calendar that Allah(swt) gave us. Because of this clever twisting of the Jews, the Muslims worldover still do not know as to when the day starts for the Muslims. I am herewith furnishing the authenticated Hadees to substantiate that the “middle prayer” is the Asr prayer and not any other prayer:


This verse was revealed (in this way):  "Guard the prayers and the Asr prayer." We recited it (in this very way) as long as Allah desired. Allah then abrogated it and it was revealed:  "Guard the prayers, and the middle prayer."  Someone who was sitting with Shaqiq (one of the narrators in the chain of transmitters) said: Now it implies the Asr prayer. Upon this al-Bara' said: I have already informed you how this (verse) was revealed and how Allah abrogated it, and Allah knows best.  Imam Muslim said: Ashja'i narrated it from Sufyan ath-Thawri, who narrated it from al-Aswad ibn Qays, who narrated it from Uqbah, who narrated it from al-Bara ibn Azib who said: We recited with the Prophet (peace be upon him) (the above-mentioned verse like this, i.e. instead of Salat al-Asr) for a certain period, as it has been mentioned (in the hadith quoted above).
Sahih Muslim Hadith
Hadith 1317            Narrated by
Al-Bara ibn Azib


The above Hadith clearly depicts that by middle prayer, Allah means the Asr prayer; and also Rasool(s.a.w) has also clearly delineated this factor in many other hadiths that the middle prayer  is the Asr prayer only; and if the middle prayer is the Asr prayer, then the first prayer for the day would be Fajr prayer, and if Fajr prayer is the first prayer, then automatically the day starts or begins at sunrise and definitely not as the majority of Muslims falsely believe today  that the Islamic day begins at sunset. Allah and His Prophet have very clearly stated, “contradict the ways of the Jews and the Christians” and Allah and His Prophet have very clearly established our Islam, contradicting the ways of the Jews and the Christians. As for the day being the forerunner and the night being the one that follows the day, we have many Quranic ayaths delineating this, but there is not a single Quran Ayath or Hadith to support that the Islamic day starts at Magrib (sunset).

                                     1      By the Sun and his (glorious) splendor;
                             2      By the Moon as she follow him;
                             3      By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;
                             4      By the Night as it conceals it;
                             Quran: 91-1,2,3,4

                                      1     By the Glorious Morning Light.
                              2     And by the Night when it is still.
                                    Quran: 93-1,2

He draweth the night as a veil O'er the day each seeking the other in rapid succession:

It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the Moon nor can the Night outstrip (or overrun) the Day:
Quran: 36-40


The above verses of the Quran clearly depicts that the day comes first and only then does the night come as a cloak over the day; and also that the night cannot overrun the day; meaning that the day would always be the first and then alone would come the night.  Also another factor to substantiate the beginning of the day for the Muslims, is the fact – Ihtikaf of the Prophet – The Prophet(s.a.w) always went for Ihtikaf  in the morning Fajr time and also finished his Ihtikaf in the morning Fajr time – This also clearly delineates that the beginning of the day is at Fajr and not at Magrib, as today's Muslims falsely believe.


'Aisha said, "the Prophet used to practice Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan and I used to pitch a tent for him, and after offering the morning prayer, he used to enter the tent." Hafsa asked the permission of 'Aisha to pitch a tent for her and she allowed her and she pitched her tent. When Zainab bint Jahsh saw it, she pitched another tent. In the morning the Prophet noticed the tents. He said, 'What is this?" He was told of the whole situation. Then the Prophet said, "Do you think that they intended to do righteousness by doing this?" He therefore abandoned the Itikaf in that month and practiced Itikaf for ten days in the month of Shawwal."
Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith
Hadith 3.249           Narrated by


We practiced Itikaf with Allah's Apostle in the middle ten days (of Ramadan). In the morning of the twentieth (of Ramadan) we shifted our baggage, but Allah's Apostle came to us and said, "Whoever was in Itikaf should return to his place of Itikaf, for I saw (i.e. was informed about the date of) this Night (of Qadr) and saw myself prostrating in mud and water." When I returned to my place the sky was overcast with clouds and it rained. By Him Who sent Muhammad with the Truth, the sky was covered with clouds from the end of that day, and the mosque which was roofed with leafstalks of date palm trees (leaked with rain) and I saw the trace of mud and water over the nose of the Prophet and its tip.
Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith
Hadith 3.256        Narrated by
Abu Sa'id


Because the Majority of Muslims are confused, totally confounded, perplexed, and baffled in this issue as to when the day begins for the Muslims, they till date have not established an accurate lunar calendar for the fact, they go out at the time of the setting of the sun to see the crescent moon to begin their month, which actually began from the time of the rising of the sun itself and by trying to see this crescent, they have already lost the first day of the month – For the crescent they see at Maghrib, is the crescent for that day which started at the time of Fajr. They should have started their Fasting from the time of Fajr or celebrated the Eid - which they have unfortunately lost due to their erroneous way of beginning their day at Maghrib which; otherwise, should have been from Fajr, which would have given them an accurate Fasting or celebrating the Eid day accurately.Because of this confusion of not knowing as to when the day starts for the Muslims, the Muslim polulation is going hay-wire with the celebrating of their Eid and starting the Fasting on the right day; and we see three or four days the Eid being celebrated in different places, when we should have all celebrated the Eid on just one accurate day and so also the beginning of the fasting, when every Muslim should start the fast on the very same day. They start on three or four different days everywhere around the Globe. The confusion is due to the fact that we do not know as to when the day starts in our Islamic Calendar. To substantiate this, I herewith furnish an authenticate Hadith:


AlBakhthari said: “We set out for Umra  and when we camped at ‘Bathni Nakhla.’ We discussed about the Hilaal. Some people said it is aged three days and some people said it is two days old. He said, we met Ibn Abbas RA and we said to him: “We saw the Hillal, some of the people said it is three days old and some of them said it is two days old. Then he said: “On which day did you see it?” We replied on such and such day. Then he said that the Messenger of Allah SAW said: “Verily Allah has arranged it for observation, so the one you saw is for that day you saw it.”
HADITH_No 2392
NARRATOR: Abdullah ibn Abbas


So, you can clearly see that the crescent you see in the Maghrib is the crescent for that day and not at all for the next day. You might not take it seriously; you might think after all a day’s difference – whats so great about it – Brothers and Sisters in Islam, this a very serious and grievous crime and a terrible SIN in Islam. Allah has given us the Sun and the Moon to calculate our days (accurately) Quran-10:5; and postponing a month amounts to Kufr (Quran-9:36,37)and if you take the entire haraams of the world, it would not constitute or equal to a single Kufr act – That is how much a sin it would be in changing or postponing the days of the Islamic calendar that Allah has prescribed for us;  Allah says that postponing a month is an act of Kufr, but then you cannot postpone a month without postponing the days first – for example, if January 1st is Ramalhan as per the accurate lunar calendar based on the satellite and telescopic sighting of the moon, which has been accurately calculated to precision and which the world should unanimously accept; as it is the most accurate international lunar calendar available to the world for anyone anywhere in the Globe, but you refuse to accept this then what happens; you are calling the 1st of January, Shahban . So, automatically you are postponing Ramalhan to the next day or next to next day. Will it not constitute KUFR – think for yourself – know as to how great a sin you are committing.


Secondly, take for example, this year 2011 Haj – as per the accurate and precise International Lunar calendar, the month Dhul Hijjah began on morning of Thursday the 27th October  2011, but to the Saudi Alims who wanted to see the crescent with their naked eye and then believe it; they waited till the evening or Maghrib  time to sight the crescent moon and began the month Dhul Hijjah on the next day, which was Friday the 28th October 2011 -  Naturally, they lost the first day as per the above  hadith of Ibnu Abbas and as per the Quran statements which tell us to follow the Manazil, and the Manzil of the moon stages the crescent moon they sighted on the eve of 27th, was not the crescent for the next day the 28th October but it was for the 27th morning itself, and hence lost a day  and automatically the accurate precise Arafath day was on 4th November 2011 (9th Dhul Hijjah)  but  for the Saudi Alims, who had ignorantly lost the starting of the month due to their ignorance of knowledge as to the starting of the Islamic day; hence, had their Arafath day on the 5th of November 2011 (10th Dhul Hijjah) but they wrongly conceived and propagated that it was the 9th Dhul Hijjah.  Rasool(s.a.w) specifically said that there is no Haj without Arafath,  and Arafath would have to be on the 9th Dhul Hijjah  - if people stood in Arafath grounds on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah or 10th of Dhul Hijjah, it would not be counted as standing on Arafath day and it would not be considered as a valid Haj – now brothers and sisters, tell me when did the Saudi Alims conduct the Arafath day? will it be a valid Haj. THINK for yourself.


What is even more atrocious is the fact that the Saudi’s have two calendars – one, they have is a very very accurate Lunar Calendar coming from the time of the Prophet(s.a.w) and now based on the satellite and the telescope, very precise and accurate, and the Government uses it and another proxy calendar (based on naked eye sighting), the Saudi Alims use it for their religious purposes and the civil authorities also use it; and the comical and foolish fact is that time and again the calendar the Saudi Alims have goes wrong and they keep pre-poning  or  postponing the day to catch up with the accurate Lunar calendar and they keep advertising this fact in the Arab News (newspaper). This happens many times even during Sha’ban  this year, they did it and we were desperately hoping that they would also do it this Dhul Hijjah and tally their calendar with the accurate lunar calendar and adjust the Arafath day, but they did not do so – Unfortunately, invalidating the millions of peoples' Haj;  and please understand this is not the first time this has happened, many times ever since the dual calendar came  into existence (around a decade or two back), Saudi faces this problem and it has been recurring time and again – This is a very very grievous and an atrocious behavior on the Saudi Alims part and WE cannot understand as to why the Saudi Government is keeping silent as to these  vicious attitudes of the Saudi Alims – They are in fact wasting millions of Muslims' hard earned money, time, effort, and energy and above all Haj  with their ignorance and lethargic behavior – They should compensate these millions of people, and help them to redo their Haj pilgrimage .


So  brothers and sisters, please do understand this is due to the one and only fact that is we do not know as to when the Islamic day starts; hence, all the confusion about the Islamic calendar. The Jews have nearly succeeded in waylaying us in this aspect , but now, Alhumdulillah there is a team of Astronomers,  Alims, and Scholars who have started the “Hijri Calendar” and MashaAllah they are very very competent, proficient, and knowledgeable in this issue of the Lunar calendar, their website is www.hijricalendar.com/ . please do keep in touch with them and also please do visit the site www.basicofislam.com/ , and read the article “Common Sense” and “A Distinct Analysis of Crescent Sighting” for a better and deeper understanding of this issue or problem; Insha Allah you would gain Tremendously – and this would go a long way in unifying and uniting the Ummah of Rasool(s.a.w) (Aameen, Aameen, Aameen, Valhumdu lillahi Rabbil Aalameen).

Wishing you ALL the VERY BEST

A.H.Nazeer Ahmed.